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It's got everything you need to get up and running with Tassomai and plenty more to keep your students on track.


Keep an eye on the Teacher Hub, we’ll be updating it regularly with teacher friendly content and new resources to help you keep your students engaged.

If you’re just getting started with Tassomai, the Teacher Hub is your go-to-place for explainer videos, the “TassoTasks” (the 5 key things we suggest you try) and more.

We also suggest you visit the Tassomai blog; it’s a great place to find more information including case studies and useful tips for teachers. The 3 most recent posts that are relevant to Tassomai teachers will be featured on this page.

If there’s anything else you’d find helpful, please let us know and we’ll do our very best to help. 

Have you seen our blog posts on “Tricky Topics”? We’ve looked at our usage data and these are the subjects that a lot of Tassomai students seem to be struggling with.


A good general overview:

This video gives a brief (2 minute) overview of Tassomai and it’s a good intro for everyone: teachers, students and their parents.

For students:

Show this to your students to explain what Tassomai is, how it works and why it will help them get better grades!

For Teachers:

This video goes into a bit more detail for teachers, introducing you to the data and insights provided by the program.

The Understanding Grid:

The Understanding Grid shows teachers how much Tassomai content students have seen, and how well they understand it.



The TassoTasks

Just getting started? Try the 5 TassoTasks to ensure you and your students benefit from Tassomai as much as possible.


Task 1 - Launch Tassomai

Effectively launching Tassomai as early as possible is key to getting good usage. Find our tips for how to effectively launch the program here! We’d recommend doing this asap.


Task 2 - Monitor Usage

Find out how to keep track of whether or not your students are using the site. This should be done in the first few days after Task 1 so you can encourage good usage early.


Task 3 - Motivate Students

We’ve got some tips to make sure your students stay motivated on Tassomai. Put up leaderboards and use your students’ competitive nature to your advantage!


Task 4 - Manage Content

Tassomai has flipped learning built into its algorithms. Find out how to control the content students see if you’d rather teach them in class first.


Task 5 - Target Intervention

Use the dot grid to see where students are struggling and target intervention. You might want to wait a few weeks for the dot grid to generate data before doing this task.



Downloadable resources to share with your students and put up in your classroom.


Use this presentation to launch Tassomai in class (PDF & editable PPT options in Zip file.)


Here’s a general leaderboard template for you to print out or use in presentations.


Use this template to show which of your students are most accurate.


Here’s a certificate template for students who have completed 100% of the course.


Here’s a generic certificate template for students.

The TassoParty is our top success strategy. This informational guide will show you how to organise one.


Tassomai logos & images


Download logos and images to use as and where you please on your website, social media or in print.

Each link downloads a Zip file containing the Tassomai logo and target icon in various formats.

Standard logo:


White version of logo:


Badge for social media: