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Keep an eye on the Teacher Hub, we update it regularly with relevant content and resources to help you keep your students engaged.

If you’re new to Tassomai, the Teacher Hub is your go-to-place for success strategies, the “Tassomai Essentials” (tips to help you get started), explainer videos and much more.

We also suggest you visit the Tassomai blog; it’s a great place to find more information including case studies and useful tips for teachers. Relevant posts for Tassomai teachers are featured on this page.

If there’s anything else you’d find helpful, let us know and we’ll do our very best to help. 

*NEW*  Use our  launch presentation  to introduce Tassomai to your class ( click pic to download ).

*NEW* Use our launch presentation to introduce Tassomai to your class (click pic to download).

Latest from the blog:

Meet your Customer Success Managers

Your Customer Success Manager is here to help you and your school achieve your goals with Tassomai this year. Book a call to discuss implementation strategies to boost success, or book in a training call to learn how to expertly use Tassomai and the data it provides.

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager below:

Not sure who your Customer Success Manager is? Just contact admin@tassomai.com or see your onboarding emails.

If you are a trialling school, Chris is your point of contact.

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These strategies have been tried and tested in Tassomai’s best-performing schools. Book in a call with your customer success manager to find which of these will work best in your school!

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Set up parents to receive weekly reports by email on their child’s performance.


Use leaderboards to generate competition between students, increasing engagement.

Have a “TassoParty” where you provide treats and students complete their daily goals.

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Set up a “Mystery Teacher” account which your students need to compete against!

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Organise catch-up sessions where students who are behind on Tassomai have to catch-up.


Start each lesson with ten minutes of dedicated Tassomai time to get students going.

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Use the dot grid to organise peer-to-peer mentoring sessions.

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Get your customer success manager to set up additional groups, such as houses or tutor groups.


Have one lesson each week dedicated to Tassomai, ensuring students use the program.


Award prizes for the top users in assemblies, and run house competitions.

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The Tassomai Essentials

Just getting started? These essentials cover all the key parts of how Tassomai works, and we’d recommend every teacher is familiar with them.


Launching Tassomai

Effectively launching Tassomai as early as possible is key to getting good usage. Find out how to effectively launch the program here! We’d recommend doing this asap.


Monitoring Usage

Find out how to keep track of whether or not your students are using the site. This covers how you select different groups of students and navigate around your dashboard.


Customising Settings

You can control various aspects of your students’ experience on Tassomai. Find out what the different settings do, how they’ll impact your students, and how to change them.


The Understanding Grid

Tassomai’s most powerful tool is a self-populating PLC grid.
Learn more about how it works, how it can save you time, and how it can be used for intervention.



Use our videos to introduce Tassomai to different audiences and to learn more about how the program works.

A good general overview:

This video gives a brief (2 minute) overview of Tassomai and it’s a good intro for everyone: teachers, students and their parents.

For students:

Show this to your students to explain what Tassomai is, how it works and why it will help them get better grades!

For Teachers:

This video goes into a bit more detail for teachers, introducing you to the data and insights provided by the program.

The Understanding Grid:

The Understanding Grid shows teachers how much Tassomai content students have seen, and how well they understand it.


Our YouTube channel also includes lots of short Tassomai tutorial videos presented by Tassomai’s founder Murray. Please encourage your students to take a look and to subscribe to our channel.

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Tassomai logos & images


Download logos and images to use as and where you please on your website, social media or in print.

Each link downloads a Zip file containing the Tassomai logo and target icon in various formats.

Standard logo:


White version of logo:


Badge for social media: