Frequently Asked Questions


What does 'Tassomai' mean?

Tassomai comes from Ancient Greek and translates to `I organise myself`. It also has other meanings to do with teaching and self-motivation. We feel that this perfectly encapsulates Tassomai’s purpose - helping students learn how to structure their time in order to achieve the good grades that we believe they can all attain.

Why Tassomai?

We want to give every student in the country the best possible chance to perform well in their exams. To achieve this we have created a program that provides students with the most comprehensive and thorough preparation possible, which tailors itself to each individual user, provides teachers with feedback and gives parents peace of mind.

How does Tassomai work?

We have looked at how the best athletes and musicians prepare through continuous practice and consistent, iterative, adapted repetition, and have applied the same theory and techniques to academic preparation. We have broken down all the syllabi, and have presented them in the form of multiple choice questions - this means that when students use the program it feels like they are simply doing a quiz, but they are actually constantly being fed all of the information which they need for their exams, in a way that is more engaging than reading a textbook, and much more likely to be retained. You can read more on our ‘How it works’ page.

How is Tassomai different from other revision programs?

Tassomai has a vast range of content, which has been specifically constructed to correspond to each course’s specification. The program constructs itself not only to fit the student’s requirements, but also to adapt to their strengths and weaknesses. It presents live, detailed feedback to parents and teachers - no other program is remotely as sophisticated.

What courses does Tassomai offer?

Our main focus is GCSE science, for which we have courses for every major exam board in England and Wales as well as the international iGCSE. For private subscribers we also offer French, Maths and Latin GCSE programs and courses for students sitting their Common Entrance exams at 11 and 13 (Maths, English, French, Latin and science options). For younger children (age 7-9) we offer Tassomai introductory courses in English and Maths. We're also introducing Tassomai for the Key Stage 3 core subjects of English, maths and science for schools from Autumn 2019.

When is the best time to start Tassomai?

It’s never too late to start Tassomai, as even covering a small fraction of the course can have a big impact on results. This said, we would recommend starting as early as possible; it makes it easier to retain knowledge and to complete the course.

What devices can I use Tassomai on?

For the best experience using Tassomai, we recommend that you use the most up to date version possible of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. Tassomai supports all major browsers, going back to the following versions (Chrome and Firefox auto-update): IE Mobile: 11; IE: 10; Safari: 7; iOS: 7; Edge: 13; Android: Jelly Bean.

Is there an app?

Yes! You can download the app from the Apple Store here, and from the Google Play Store here. Please note that students cannot create accounts on the app, but can use it as soon as they have created their accounts.

How much work should it take a day?

Students should aim to complete their Daily Goal four or five times a week. The amount of time this takes will vary for each student, based on the size of the daily goal, reading speed and accuracy, but it takes members of the TassoTeam who aren’t scientists around 15 minutes a day. 

Why is the grade guarantee different?

The guarantees are different because we are aiming to provide different things for schools and private subscribers. For private subscribers we want to be a viable alternative to private tuition, which is so costly that the expectations are for students to achieve a 9-7. However, in schools we are not an alternative to teaching; we are simply trying to supplement and support teachers in the best way possible, and we want to be able to help every student. We feel that the best way for us to do this is by helping thousands of children make the leap across the grade 5 boundary with a more manageable workload target. Of course, there’s nothing stopping a school student reaching 100% if they wish.

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What do I need to get started?

We will need an email address for the parent/cardholder, and their details to create their account. We also need a different email address for the child in order to create their account. While it is possible to move from one course to another, this may mean having to start again, so it’s best to make sure you know which exam board and course you need before setting up your accounts.

I can’t find the course I want - what should I do?

There is a comprehensive list of courses on our `courses` page. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then please feel free to contact us at or call 020 3380 7968.

Am I too late to start?

Even if joining Tassomai late in the day, students still gain huge benefits from Tassomai’s revision method. However, it is unlikely that a student who starts the program after Easter will complete the course and therefore fulfil the grade guarantee.

Are you a replacement for tutors?

Absolutely. We firmly believe that our methodology is far more effective than tutoring; we structure and organise students’ learning for them, and provide them with instant needs analysis. Tassomai not only improves students’ memory, but also builds confidence in their abilities since they know that their improvement is down to their own hard work. Tassomai’s feedback and confidence-building mean that students will be more able to look for and ask for help when they need it, rather than passively relying on the helping hand of a (very expensive) private tutor. Additionally our results data supports our claim that Tassomai improves exam performance, something which very few tutors can prove, and our guarantee makes us accountable if your child does not achieve a top grade.

Can Tassomai be used to support schoolwork?

Yes! The entire course is designed to help students with their schoolwork. It can even help them get a headstart on topics which they haven’t started yet at school, so there’s no reason not to start right away.

How do I know if my child is doing enough work?

You will receive a weekly progress report via email with an overview of your child’s performance. You will also have an account with a dashboard to help you see how your child is progressing - use this to ensure they’re completing their daily goals.

How can I help my child progress?

The simplest way is to encourage them to do it every day, take their time reading the questions, and not to be afraid of making mistakes - they are an essential part of the learning process! You can also look at your weekly reports to see if there are any specific topics where they are scoring poorly - in these cases, a bit of time reading the textbook or checking their notes might make progress easier.

How does your guarantee work?

If a student’s progress is 100% in a course at the time of the exam then we guarantee that they will achieve a 7 grade or higher - if they do not achieve that grade then you are entitled to a full refund for the cost of that course.

Are we committed for the rest of the year?

No, you can cancel at any time. Should you wish to resume access to your account then we can set this up for you and all data will have been retained. However, if the account is unused for any period of time then the progress scores can diminish, so users who complete the course in advance of the exam and cancel may not fulfil the terms of the guarantee.

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Tassomai for schools - FAQS


Is Tassomai for schools the same as it is for private users?

In order to give teachers specific, detailed and live data feedback on every student, Tassomai compiles unfathomable volumes of data. We do not provide this for private subscribers because it is not relevant for only one or two students, but it is an incredibly powerful tool for schools; it allows teachers to speed up and direct intervention, whilst saving them time otherwise spent on creating and marking assessments and collating results. Tassomai is also always testing the entire syllabus, so students will not forget things which they learnt early on in the course, unlike with most random pop-quizzes.

Can we see Tassomai in action before we buy?

Of course. We would definitely recommend that you organise a demo with us - these can either be done in person at your school or online via a screenshare. This allows you to make a better assessment of the program’s capabilities, while providing some training for you and your staff. While we think demos are extremely useful, obviously the most important thing is how Tassomai works for you in practice. To that end we offer a five week free trial of Tassomai for one of your classes, to allow you to judge student response to the site and see real data coming through.

How do we get set up?

When you request a set-up, we will send you a form which allows you to make an official order. This is simply an Excel file where you can input your details and discounts, and provide us with the names of your staff and classes. Our team can then get your school network up and running in a few days. See the `Schools` page for more details.

We haven’t covered the entire syllabus in class yet. Is this a problem?

Not at all! Teachers are in complete control of the available content on Tassomai, so they can switch topics off that are not yet required, and the program will focus on the topics that remain ‘live’. Alternatively, you can turn topics on before you teach them to flip the learning, and give them a basic understanding of the topic before they study it in class.

What year groups do you cover?

From Autumn 2019, Tassomai is available for students in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Our Key Stage 3 content covers the core subjects of English, maths and science. Our exam board specific Key Stage 4 content is for GCSE science.

When is the best time to start Tassomai?

We’d recommend starting Tassomai as early as possible. If a student starts earlier they are more likely to complete the course. They will also benefit more from both spacing and interleaving, helping them to retain more information. That said, students who start late in the day have still benefitted hugely from Tassomai’s revision methods, so it is never too late to start.

What exam boards do you cover?

AQA, Edexcel, OCR 21st Century, OCR Gateway, IGCSE, WJEC

Do you offer free trials for schools?

Yes! You can trial Tassomai for free for 5 weeks. We suggest doing this with a whole class. Please contact us for more information.

How does your guarantee work?

If a student completes 80% of the course, and does not achieve a 5 grade or higher, then we will reimburse the school according to the cost of that student’s account in that subject. This could take the form of a refund payment or a discount from the following year’s subscription. This reimbursement is calculated as part of our data exchange at results time, so please make sure your data manager is in touch with us before the exams ands processes the results data for us at the first opportunity. NB We do not deal directly with parents who have contributed to the cost of Tassomai via parent pay. If your school is using these methods then it is the responsibility of the school to reimburse parents, not Tassomai’s. The school will still receive full refunds from Tassomai when applicable.

Are we committed for the rest of the year?

Yes - it is a one off payment. We charge schools less for one year than we charge a private subscriber for one month. This price is based on how much it costs us to set up a student, and is the absolute minimum we can afford, so we cannot give out refunds during the year.

Is there any discount for starting late?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any discount for starting late. Since the price we charge is based on the cost to us of setting up a student, and is the absolute minimum we can afford, we are unable to discount schools for starting later in the year.

What subjects do you cover?

At GCSE level, we currently only offer GCSE science courses to schools, as they have been written and designed to fit the new specifications and schemes of work precisely. We also do not want children to have to spend too much time on Tassomai each day to keep up with multiple courses. However, if schools find that their students are engaging well with Tassomai and comfortably keeping on track, then we are happy to add on our GCSE maths course for free. From Autumn 2019 we are introducing Tassomai for Key Stage 3 students in the core subjects of English, maths and science.

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Tassomai for students


How do I create my account?

If Tassomai has been set up via your school then we will be sending your teachers the instructions needed to create your account. If you’ve had a Tassomai account before then please log in to and join your new classes, as you won’t be able to make a second account with the same email login. If your parents have purchased Tassomai then they will set up your account for you, so you will need to get your login details from them.

I’m having trouble logging in - what should I do?

Please contact us on and we will be glad to help, although we can only guarantee a fast response during working hours.

Tassomai isn’t working - what can I do?

We do our best to make sure that Tassomai works well on all devices and browser, but technical problems can occur. Often problems can be solved by clearing cookies. If you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer then we would recommend changing browser to Google Chrome, as Tassomai may not work optimally on this. If the problems still occur then please report them to detailing the time the fault occurred, its nature, the browser and device you were using and, if possible, attaching a screenshot and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Where can I use Tassomai?

You can use Tassomai wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection!

If I miss a week is it a problem?

The algorithm which calculates your daily goal takes into account activity over the last 30 days - if you miss a week your daily goal will increase, but a few days where you complete the daily goal and bonus goal should see it drop down again pretty quickly. If you regularly miss weeks you will need to do more work to complete the program, so it will become harder to keep the daily goal low. 

Will teachers or my parents see my progress and performance?

Your parents will have an overview account which they can access whenever, and they will receive a weekly progress report detailing how you are doing. If you are using Tassomai through a school subscription your teachers will also be able to see how you are doing on Tassomai.

What do the different question colours mean?

Questions are different colours to immediately let you know if you’ve seen the question before, and whether or not you answered it correctly last time. This is important to know because it affects how much progress you can make (or lose!) on each question. Blue questions are new questions - you haven’t seen these before, so all you can do is make progress on them. Take your time, and have your best go, but don’t worry about getting them wrong. Green questions are ones which you answered correctly last time - if you get a question correct three times in a row, then it’s ‘complete’. If you get these wrong you can lose progress, so be careful and take your time - we call these “confirmation” questions. ‘Complete’ questions are not in your regular question queue, but will still appear from time to time just to check you haven’t forgotten them. These ”reminder” questions appear purple - be careful here, as if you get them wrong you can lose progress on these questions, and you’ll have to do them a few more times! A question is red, orange or yellow if you recently answered it incorrectly - try to remember where you went wrong, and improve this time. If you get it right it will go green and you’ll see big progress gains! These are “correction” questions.