Entrance exam preparation with Tassomai

The smart (and fun!) way to get your child ready for the 11 plus and other school entrance exams

Getting your child into the right school is a priority for a lot of parents, and entrance exams like the 11 plus can be stressful for all the family. 

Tassomai is the secret weapon to help your child pass the 11+

Tassomai is a powerful online learning program that supports and encourages children, embedding essential knowledge, organising their studies and building sustainable learning habits.

The effective and affordable alternative to private tuition

A monthly subscription to Tassomai typically costs about the same as one hour of private tuition and is far more impactful!

Special offer: Subscribe now & get a free reward month in January!

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The Bett Awards are the Oscars of the education technology world!

The Bett Awards are the Oscars of the education technology world!

Tassomai boosts confidence and reduces exam stress

Tassomai is easy to use, rewarding and fun. Children simply log on and work towards a daily goal, answering multiple choice questions that teach as well as test. The content adapts for each learner and every click helps Tassomai’s intelligent algorithm work out what to show next.

It was worth every penny of the subscription, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
Lisa, parent.

Courses for younger students are specifically designed to help children with entrance exams, but they’re suitable for any child who needs a bit of extra support.

✔ Eleven Plus

✔ Grammar School entrance exams

✔ Selective school exams



Tassomai makes it easy to see where your child needs a little extra help…

As your child answers quizzes, Tassomai’s algorithm learns what they know and what they don’t, adapting the activities to target knowledge gaps and fix problems.

Our weekly parent reports highlight any strengths and weaknesses, so you can work out where to help them focus their efforts.

… providing essential info to maximise private tuition

If you’re investing in a tutor, these valuable insights will help them plan sessions for your child, making the most of your money and their learning time together.

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Tassomai on a mobile phone with 3 subject options, maths, English and science.

Courses in all Common Entrance subjects… English, science & maths!

Our team of content specialists have created material that covers the essential knowledge students need to pass the 11 plus subjects of English, maths and science.

Sign up for all 3 subjects and Tassomai will help your child work their way through the material, using proven techniques like interleaving and targeted repetition to enhance learning. You can also easily control the topics your child is quizzed on via your parent dashboard.

✔ Save 25% when you sign up for all 3 subjects

✔ Pay monthly, there’s no long term contract

✔ Talk to our friendly team if you have questions


Subscribe now & get a free reward month in January!

Science skills: £10 per month
Math skills: £20 per month
English, reading & spelling skills: £20 per month

Or subscribe to all 3 subjects for the discounted rate of £37.50 per month
(discount will be applied at checkout)

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