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Our most enthusiastic supporters are the teachers, parents and of course the students who have invested their time, money and effort in our program and experienced the Tassomai effect for themselves.

Here are some of their stories.

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Video case studies:


The Stonehenge School in Wiltshire started using Tassomai in 2015 and has seen a spectacular impact on grades, the gender attainment gap and the school’s Progress 8 score.

We introduced Tassomai with a goal to improve our science results from the lowest 20% in the country to being at the national average - in fact we are now in the top 20% in the country!

- Carole Dean, Deputy Headteacher

Carole Dean, The Stonehenge School

Watch the video or read the full case study on our blog


Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale introduced Tassomai in the run up to Christmas - within just six months it made a huge impact, helping the school get their best ever GCSE science results!

Our 2018 results were magnificent, the best GCSE science grades the school has seen. Over 7% of our students got the highest possible grade and over half of the cohort were above 55.

- Claire Crichton-Allen, Science Curriculum Lead

Claire Crichton-Allen

Watch the video or read the full case study on our blog


More stories from our users:

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