How Tassomai works

Discover the smartest way to learn and revise

Schools and parents across the country are choosing Tassomai to help children learn more effectively, build knowledge and get their best possible results.

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1. Investigating

We start by analysing a subject, down to the finest level of detail…


2. Creating

… turning everything a learner needs to know into quiz questions that teach as well as test.


3. Discovering

Every question answered helps us build up a detailed knowledge profile, painting a picture of that child’s understanding.


4. Personalising

Our intelligent algorithm works out what a student knows and what they don’t, continually adapting the content for each learner.


5. Supporting

Sometimes we’ll suggest a short tutorial video, offered at just the right time, and designed to supplement learning in a particular topic.


6. Evolving

Tassomai keeps learning, discovering more about what a student understands (and what they don’t) with every single interaction.

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7. Reinforcing

Students learn through daily practice, with quizzes shown at the optimum time for each learner and repeated occasionally to check that knowledge has been retained.


8. Celebrating!

By using Tassomai, a student’s knowledge, understanding and confidence builds until they master the subject, helping them achieve their best possible results.


9. Empowering

When schools use Tassomai, they can use the program’s powerful data and insight to help individual students and to plan lessons.


10. Reassuring

Parents can also see how their children are getting on, where they’re doing well, and where they might need a little help.


Tassomai organises a student’s daily routine for them

Sometimes the hardest part about studying is working out where to start!

Tassomai makes it easier to learn and revise, at home, at school or on the move. Students just need to log in and start answering quizzes; the algorithm prioritises the right topics and ensures everything gets the attention it needs.

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Tassomai is designed to motivate and reward learners

A student’s aim each day is simply to complete their daily goal by hitting their target of correct questions.

Familiar techniques from gaming like Experience Points and Levelling Up encourage regular usage and motivate students, helping to build sustainable learning habits.

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