Parent Reports

Why they work:

Getting parents on board with our weekly emailed reports means there is an extra pair of eyes on how well the student is performing, which helps to keep the student accountable. Parent reports mean that everyone can see exactly the same data.

How they work:

Let your Customer Success Manager know that you would like to set up parent reports.

  • They will send over the parent report spreadsheet where you need to fill in the names of the parents who would like to receive these reports, in line with our privacy policy. We can also send over a letter / email copy that you can use to send to parents to let them know what parent reports are, as you will need to ask their permission to receive these.

  • Fill in the parent’s name and email address for those who have given their permission to receive the reports.

  • Once complete, send the form back to and we will set your parent reports up within 5 working days. 

  • Parents will receive their parent report every Thursday morning, letting them monitor their child’s usage and performance on Tassomai.


Competitions and Leaderboards

Why they work:

Competitions are really good motivators for students, and help them to foster independence in their learning too. We find that switching up the metric you use as the basis for the competition means that more students have a chance to win - so it’s not just the higher ability students that are rewarded.

How they work:

  • Choose one of our leaderboards to download below and display it in your classroom.

  • Each week, choose a metric from the Teacher Dashboard to use for the competition, e.g. number of daily goals, number of questions answered, number of questions correct. 

  • Award prizes for the student who has performed best against your chosen metric, or reward all students who have earned a place on the leaderboard.

  • A popular method used by a lot of our schools is to place the name of the winning student each week into a hat. At the end of each half term a name is drawn and that student wins a prize, such as a ticket to prom or a shopping voucher.


Dedicated Tassomai Lesson

Why it works:

This essentially guarantees that students will complete their Tassomai. If there is a lesson dedicated to Tassomai then students have no option but to engage with the program. If students do not have access to technology at home then this is a great way to ensure that they do not fall behind with completing their Daily Goals.

How it works:

  • On your timetable identify a lesson each week that can be dedicated to Tassomai and let your students know that this will be a Tassomai lesson.

  • Before the lesson, use the Understanding Grid to identify a topic that the majority of your students are struggling with. If any students are really struggling with some topics, use this time for targeted intervention to help them directly.

  • At the start of the lesson allow your students to spend 20 minutes working towards their Daily Goal.

  • The move onto recapping the topic that your students are struggling with.

  • Towards the end of the lesson, ask students to go to their subjects tab and choose to quiz on the subject you have just recapped with them to consolidate their learning. (You may need to alter your settings on the Teacher Dashboard to allow them to access this before completing their Daily Goal that day).


Mystery Teacher

Why it works:

Students love trying to beat their teacher at answering questions on Tassomai.The element of competition, as well as the oversight for teachers for how the program works, makes this is a great strategy with benefits for both the teacher and the student. You can also choose to keep your name anonymous so students have to guess who you are!

How it works:

  • Ask your Customer Success Manager to set you up with a Mystery Teacher account.

  • You will need you to provide an email address that is different from the school email address that is connected to your teacher account. We would advise you choose an email address, for example, ‘’, so that your whole department can use this in order to share the load amongst staff members.

  • Your Customer Success Manager will create your account and provide instructions for you to log in and start quizzing.

  • Download and print our leaderboard below and display this in your classroom. 

  • Tell your students that they have to try and beat the Mystery Teacher each week, changing the metric each time to give every student a chance at winning. It can be the number of Daily Goals, progress made, number of questions correct or questions attempted, etc.

  • Once a week, show students the Teacher Dashboard and reveal who has managed to beat the Mystery Teacher. Award those students a prize, or put their names into a hat and draw a winner at the end of each half-term.


Full School Assemblies

Why they work:

Full school assemblies are a great way of ingraining Tassomai into your school culture which greatly helps with engagement. This is the perfect time to award prizes for top users, run a house competition across all school years, and inform everyone of any updates to the program.

How they work:

  • Download our certificates below and at the end of each half-term or term, award certificates in assembly to your Tassomai stars. These can be the students who have won competitions in class, or students who have performed particularly well on Tassomai.

  • Use our additional groups feature to put students into their houses on Tassomai as well as their classes. At the end of each term announce in assembly which house has completed the most daily goals or answered the most questions correctly or overall..

  • Everyone being together in one room is a great opportunity to mention any updates to Tassomai that have occurred so that everyone is aware of these changes. Make sure that all students are informed of who your chosen TassoChampion is in school so that they can ask them if they have any follow-up questions about the updates.



Why it works:

TassoTen is a great way of helping students to complete their Daily Goal - even if they don’t manage to complete this within the 10 minutes they have started to answer questions towards it which is often the hardest part.

How it works:

  • At the start of every Science lesson allow students to get out their phone and complete 10 minutes on Tassomai.

  • Once 10 minutes is up everyone must put away their phones and focus on the lesson.

  • If students finish their work early in a lesson then they can carry on with TassoTen and aim to finish their Daily Goal before the bell rings.

  • Remind students that they need to complete their Daily Goal if they haven’t managed to do so within the lesson.


Additional Groups

Why they work:

Having certain students in an additional group together, as well as in their classes, means that you can view their data together side-by-side. This is helpful for monitoring intervention groups, and pupil premium students, or for putting students into houses for house competitions.

How they work:

  • Ask your Customer Success Manager to set up additional groups for you, with a specific name if you have one in mind, e.g. the name of your school houses.

  • Your Customer Success Manager will set these up for you and provide instructions on how to find these on your dashboards and add students into these groups.


Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Why it works:

This diagnostic method reduces workload for you, and provides an opportunity for development for both your higher achievers and your lower ability students.

How it works:

  • Use the Understanding grid on your Teacher Dashboard to identify students who are struggling with certain topics - they will have an orange or red dot for that subject area. (If you’re not sure how to use the Understanding Grid then book in a training call with your Customer Success Manager now) 

  • Next, find a student who is excelling in that topic - they will have a big green or blue dot in that subject area.

  • Pair these students up and ask the student who is performing well in that topic to explain it to the student who is struggling.

  • After a few peer-to-peer mentoring sessions ask the student to complete a quiz on that topic from their ‘subjects’ tab so you can see their performance now. (You may need to alter your settings on the Teacher Dashboard to allow them to access this before completing their Daily Goal that day).


Tassomai Catch-Up Session

Why it works:

Catch-up sessions are a non-negotiable way for students to complete their Tassomai; they have no excuse. They either complete their Daily Goals for homework or they must attend the catch-up session to make up for missing goals.

How it works:

  • Decide on a day each week when you will check your students' activity/usage.

  • On that day, log onto the Teacher Dashboard and click into the active and inactive tiles.

  • Students in these groups have not completed 4 daily goals and need to catch up.

  • Book out a classroom or computer room and inform those students that they need to catch-up on their missed Tassomai.

  • As they will not be able to make up more than one daily goal on that day, set a target of correct answers that they need to do before they can leave the catch-up session.

  • Ensure this happens every week to set an expectation for students that they will need to catch-up if they don’t achieve 4 daily goals a week as part of their homework.



Why it works:

This is a fun, and highly successful, implementation strategy that provides an opportunity for students to complete their Daily Goal within the school day.

How it works:

  • Download our TassoParty poster below and put this up in your classroom or somewhere in school.

  • Book out a classroom / an IT room for lunchtime or after school where students can complete their Daily Goal - either using computers or our app on their phones.

  • Provide some sweets or other refreshments for the students who turn up and complete their Daily Goal within the TassoParty.

  • Another nice idea is to download our TassoVouchers to give as prizes / rewards that students can earn for attending the TassoParty and completing their Daily Goal. Lots of schools use the vouchers to allow students to skip the lunch queue for each day they attend the TassoParty!