Signing Up Existing Students, Managing Classes & Additional Groups

Existing Students

If any of your students used Tassomai last year then they should be able to login using the exact same details as last year. When they login they'll need to select the correct class from the dropdown menu.

If they've forgotten their password then they should click on the "Forgot your password?" button on the login page, and they'll receive an email with a link to reset their password.

If this does not work it is probably because they signed up using an incorrect email address last year - in this case, please contact us and we can change their email address and password from our end.

Managing Classes

If any of your students (new or old) select the wrong class when signing up, this is easy for you to change - simply find that student and click on the spanner icon next to their name. Then select "Manage Classes" and you can move the student into the relevant class.

Additional Groups

As well as classes, we can create "Additional Groups" for your school - these allow you to have a group of students who aren't necessarily doing the same content, making it easier to keep track of how groups of students are doing.

Schools often find these extremely useful for form groups, houses or intervention groups.

If you would like us to create any Additional Groups for your school, then please just get in touch.