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The Radiowave Gang

The true story of a group of meddling Year 9s who ‘hacked’ Tassomai so that they could use it without paying for it, and then how they were welcomed into the Tassomai Team.

 Wanted poster - the Radiowave Gang

Tassomai in the media:


Sky News sent their tech correspondent Gemma Evans back to school to learn more about Tassomai with staff and students at Carshalton Boys Sports College. (Click the video to play)

 Education in Chemistry

Education in Chemistry Magazine
Tassomai's founder on the growth of private tuition and its impact on inequality and social mobility.
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 Education Today Magazine

Education Today Magazine
Murray Morrison is featured in a review of this year's EdTech extravaganza, the Bett Show.
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 Education Technology Magazine

Education Technology Magazine
New research from Tassomai reveals users' attitudes to tech in schools.
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Recommended reads:


Reform (Think Tank)
Beyond gadgets: EdTech to help close the opportunity gap

This report from June 2018 illustrates the potential of EdTech to help close the opportunity gap. The paper highlights the different areas where EdTech could support disadvantaged pupils and the mechanisms for enabling schools to embrace the opportunities offered by technology.

Innovate My School
Can more testing reduce workload AND enhance learning?

Allen Hall, vice principal for curriculum and assessment at Waterhead Academy says more testing isn't as scary as it sounds and that the impact of testing (particularly low stakes testing),  on pupil learning should be reconsidered.