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Award-winning peace of mind for parents

It was worth every penny of the subscription, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
- Lisa, parent

Parents can buy private subscriptions to Tassomai to give their child a boost in particular subjects and to help them prepare for exams.

Tassomai is available for a range of subjects for students from 7-17.


Watch this video to find out how our quiz based learning program works for private subscribers.


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Tassomai is a smarter way for students to learn and revise...

  • Easy and convenient
    Most students use our mobile app to answer quizzes and watch tutorial videos - at home, at school or even on the bus!

  • Structured
    The program organises students’ work for them. Tassomai’s intelligent algorithm works out what they know, where they need to focus their efforts and what they should do next.

  • Motivating and rewarding
    Students are encouraged to hit a daily goal and rewarded with experience points and mastery stars. As their understanding grows their confidence builds.

Tassomai student using the app on the bus

Honestly need to say hands down thank you so much @Tassomai. There is no way on earth I did as well as I did in triple science without this app!”
- Tassomai student on Twitter

The Bett Awards are the Oscars of the education technology world!

The Bett Awards are the Oscars of the education technology world!

Tasssomai gives parents peace of mind...

  • Reassuring
    Parents can support their child’s learning, confident that they’re helping them to develop good learning habits.

  • More affordable than private tuition
    One month of Tassomai typically costs about the same as an hour of private tuition… and it’s far more impactful!

  • Informative
    Usage data enables parents to see which topics their child understands and where they’re struggling. Useful for helping with revision planning and for discussions with teachers or tutors.

I definitely believe the personal subscription was worth every penny and had more to do with the final grade than her school classes.
- Tassomai parent


Trusted by teachers to help students get top marks

Tassomai is used in hundreds of schools across England and Wales and has helped tens of thousands of students get their best possible grades.

Our 2018 results were magnificent, the best GCSE science grades the school has seen. Over 7% of our students got the highest possible grade and over half of the cohort were above 55.

- Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale

A Year 11 teacher at Matthew Moss explains how Tassomai helped her student achieve significantly higher grades than expected!


Parents get weekly progress reports by email

Each week we send parents a personalised report showing how their child is getting on, where they’re doing well and what they’re finding tricky.

N.B. If you’re a parent of a child using Tassomai in their school, you should also be able to access these reports. Ask your child's teacher to contact the Tassomai team about setting up parent reports.

I found the reports really useful and was very impressed in how the subscription reduced as each science subject had been examined."
- Helen, parent

Tassomai parents get weekly reports by email
Good grades!

Good grades guaranteed or your money back!

Our most well established course - GCSE science - has helped thousands of students get top marks in their exams and comes with a grade guarantee.

Assuming your child completes 100% of the course we guarantee a 7-9 grade or we’ll refund your subscription in full.

I always got 5s and 6s but you helped me get an overall 8-8, I’m super happy!”
- Tassomai student on Twitter

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