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Tassomai for GCSE & AS-level:


GCSE science is our most popular course and it’s helped thousands of students get better grades.

  • £45 per month (with discount) for all 3 sciences

  • A single science costs £20 per month

  • Board specific content written by science teachers and graduates

  • 7-9 grade guaranteed *

Or choose iGCSE for International School students.


GCSE maths
(non board-specific)

£30 / month

GCSE French
(non board-specific)

£20 / month

GCSE Latin
(non board-specific)

£20 / month

AS-level science
(AQA board only)

£45 / month for 3
(or £20 / science)


Tassomai for younger learners:


Our courses for 12-13 year olds are built for students sitting 13+ Common Entrance exams but they’re suitable for all KS3 students.

Science (all 3): £30 / month
Single sciences: £14 / month
English or maths: £30 / month
French or Latin: £20 / month

Our courses for 10-11 year olds cover English, maths and science and help students sitting the 11+ exam as well as other young learners.

Science skills: £10 / month
Maths skills: £20 / month
English, reading & spelling skills: £20 / month

Our English and maths courses for children age 7-9 are designed to boost early arithmetic and reading skills.

Maths skills: £20 / month
English, reading & spelling skills: £20 / month


* About our Grade Guarantee for GCSE science

We guarantee a 7-9 grade in GCSE science if the course is completed (or your money back!)

To complete the course, students must get to 100%.

For more information see our Terms & Conditions

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