What are "Daily Goals" and where is the wheel?

We're going to be updating our site throughout the summer holidays to improve the experience for all users, and make Tassomai a more effective tool. As we release these updates, we'll be explaining how and why they work on our blog, and have linked the existing articles at the bottom of this post.

Daily Goal - a better way to motivate students

The site used to ask students to keep the wheel green and blue. How long this would take was unclear and changed a lot each day. We've now replaced this with a Daily Goal. This asks students to answer a certain number of questions correctly each day - it is still individualised for each student, and will always be between 20 and 60. Students should aim to complete four or five Daily Goals each week.


Bonus Goal - encouraging students to get ahead

We've also added a Bonus Goal - when the Daily Goal is completed students are given another target, which is half of the Daily Goal, to give them something else to work towards and encourage them to do some extra work.


Experience Points - showing students how much they've achieved

Another new feature is Experience Points - when students complete questions and quizzes they'll gain XP, allowing them to level up. This shows how much time students have invested into doing well with Tassomai.


Progress - now easier to gain

Students who were already using Tassomai might have also noticed that their progress has increased - this is because we've slightly tweaked how progress is calculated, making it easier to gain progress and harder to lose. Students can see their current progress in the Subject tab on their dashboard.

What does this change?

Instead of keeping the wheel green and blue, students should complete at least four Daily Goals each week - so if your holiday work was to keep the wheel green and blue, it's now four Daily Goals! If it was a progress target then this is still possible - progress can now be found in the "subjects" view.

If you have any feedback on these updates please just get in touch - we'd love to know what you think!

Find out more about the other updates:

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Why are Daily Goals better than the wheel?