The Radiowave Gang - Part 2



Last time we heard how the Radiowave Gang successfully hacked into Tassomai’s seemingly foolproof systems, confessed their crimes to their teacher, Mr. Back, and were let off. Or so they thought…

The Consequences

After confessing their crimes, the group felt they had narrowly avoided a prison sentence… for now at least. The majority of the group were contemplating abandoning Tassomai, changing their names and running away to live in a desolate part of Norway now that they were forever incriminated with stealing the science program. Hafsa, however, was determined to keep them on track as she was sure that Tassomai would never find out.

A couple of months later, the group were each presented with Tassomai pens courtesy of Mr. Back — or so they thought. Little did the group know that it was in fact courtesy of Tassomai, who knew all about the Radiowave Gang.

He had betrayed them! And when the group found out about that, even Hafsa was willing to pack her bags…

The Meeting

“I’ve got a Tassomai meeting tomorrow,” Mr. Back said, smiling (mock-)evilly to the group, “they’re coming to our school.”

Tassomai came, but the group didn’t expect anything to happen.

Then Ty got pulled out of his lesson. And then, so did Hafsa and Ellis. It was when they heard Mitchell was expected to join them as well (but was held up due to a different reason) that Ty pieced together what was going to happen next.

They were led to a conference room, and were waiting outside for Mitchell and Mr. Back to join them. Hafsa and Ty risked a glance inside. “Who are those people?” they both muttered.

Ty’s earlier speculation turned out to be correct, as when Ellis looked too, she instantly recognised one of the people inside. Her heart dropped.

“That’s Murray Morrison” she gulped.

“Hello Radiowave Gang, I’m the founder of Tassomai.”

The Task

Ellis had known already as she had followed him and Tassomai on Twitter when the group set up an account for the Radiowave Gang, but for the others the realisation dawned on them.

“Oh my God!” Ty shrieked.

Hafsa blushed.

And Mitchell, well, he wasn’t there at the time, but it is presumed he would’ve screamed.

Polite handshakes were given (though Hafsa’s was quite a weak one) and introductions were made (all the group nearly forgot their own names). It was then explained to them that they were in no trouble — quite the opposite, in fact.

Tassomai wanted them to a part of the team. With a new Tassomai pen and badge each, the group were persuaded. They wouldn’t be sent to prison. No need to pack bags or book a flight. Tassomai just wanted to talk to them.

An interview commenced about the future of the program, what they liked and disliked about it, and additions to the site. About ten minutes after the others, a sheepish Mitchell appeared and contributed as well.

After the successful meeting, the Radiowave Gang were asked to write their story about Tassomai. And it’s the reason we’re doing so now :)



We’d like to thank Tassomai for not pressing charges, Mr. Back for being our cool science teacher, and Shaun Donnelly over at YouTube (@ukscienceguy), who is a saviour to all secondary school pupils’ grades.

Please follow us on Twitter @RadiowaveGang, cheers!

- Ellis, Ty, Hafsa, Mitchell and Hannah.

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