The Parent Dashboard

The parent dashboard helps you keep track of how well your children are using Tassomai.

There are four different views in this dashboard, all of which are explained here.

All of the columns are drag and drop, so you can rearrange the data into the order you want. We have also colour coded the most important columns, to help you see how well your child is doing - if all of these columns are green and blue then there's nothing to worry about!

Each of the different tabs can also be exported as a csv file by pressing "download data" on the top right.

There's an overview of each different tab below, and, although most of the data shown is pretty self-explanatory, some of it does require a bit of extra explanation.

The Usage Tab.png

The Usage Tab

The usage view displays five pieces of data:

  • Accuracy over the last week;

  • Daily Goals completed in the last week;

  • Days since last login

  • Questions answered in the last week

  • Time spent on Tassomai in the last week

"Days since last login" only counts days on which your child has answered a question - if they login without answering a question, then this will not count as logging in.

"Time spent" is based on active time spent answering questions - if your child simply leaves the app or site open then this won't count. Although we have tried to make this as accurate as possible, it is unfortunately impossible for this to be fully representative since we cannot measure "thinking time". It should, however, be a close approximation.

While completing Daily Goals is the most important to check on, we'd also recommend you keep an eye on your child's accuracy - if this is low it could mean that they are guessing or don't understand the material. In this situation encourage them to take their time, write down questions which they don't understand, check their textbook and maybe even ask their teacher for help.

The Performance Tab.png

The Performance Tab

Now that students should focus on Daily Goals, progress is no longer as central to Tassomai, but it can now be found in the Performance tab, which displays:

  • Questions correct in the last week;

  • Progress gained in the last week;

  • Total progress;

  • Predicted final progress;

"Predicted progress" is how much of the course we think your child will complete based on their activity over the last 30 days. If they aren't doing much, then this number will drop. It should be noted that this is a lagging metric - it will only show when a student has already begun to fall behind, and will take a few days of good usage to turn around. 

The All Data Tab.png

The All Data Tab

This is simply the Usage Tab and Performance Tab combined so that you can see all the data together. 

Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 12.38.49.png

The Understanding Grid

We have written a detailed explainer of the Understanding Grid here, and there’s also this short video which we’d suggest you watch.

The Understanding Grid gives you a quick, visual overview of how your child is doing in that subject area. The size of the dot shows you how much of the content your child has seen, while the colour represents their accuracy - with blue the highest, then green, orange and finally red.

When you first open the grid you will see a broad overview of each subject (e.g. maths, physics, chemistry) - if you click on the subject name then it will give detail on the topics within that subject, and if you click on a topic you can see the themes within that. These are all matched to the specification for GCSE Science, and are more broad in other subjects.

In the example above you would be slightly concerned about how Harry is doing in 3.2, “Different Half-Lives of Radioactive Isotopes'“ (you can see the full name by hovering your mouse over it. He might want to ask his teacher for some help here.

How to log in to your account:

If you're a private subscriber you'll have set up an account already. 

If you are a parent whose child has Tassomai through their school and you're receiving progress reports by email, go to and request a password reset for that email address.

If you do not receive parent reports you can ask your child's school to contact our admin team to get this up and running.