The Radiowave Gang - Part 1

Wanted: The Radiowave Gang


How a group of meddling Year 9s ‘hacked’ Tassomai so that they could use it without paying for it… and the consequences.

This article was written by the Radiowave Gang, with slight edits by Tassomai for length, spelling and grammar.

Introducing The Gang

The Radiowave Gang (RWG) consists of 5 unlikely thieves…

  • Hannah: Self-proclaimed “memester” and “meme queen”, extremely funny, great facial expressions, brilliant dance choreographer, holds a grudge for at least a month, extroverted.
  • Hafsa: Smartest gang member, chilled, argument diffuser, will do something for someone without expecting anything back in return, puts others before herself, shy, introverted.
  • Mitchell: Annoying. So, so, so, annoying. Argumentative, (see Ellis), loud, boasts a lot (but not about his baton twirling even though he’s amazing at it), sounds like a seagull (hasn’t yet hit puberty), extroverted. Did we mention he’s annoying?
  • Ellis: Constantly stressed about something, trustworthy, organised, has a facade of confidence (is not confident), workaholic, argumentative (see Mitchell), shy, introverted.
  • Ty: Always tries his hardest, hot-headed (especially with Mitchell, who is annoying), triggers Ellis with his “appalling grammar”, sticks up for people, imaginative and soooooo creative, extroverted.

The Scheme

"My Lord, I have a cunning plan."

In September 2017, at James Hornsby School, 5 unlikely friends in Year 9 formed a “gang”, consisting of four triple-scientists and one self-proclaimed “memester”. It was named the Radiowave Gang.

One day, the scientists found themselves in a Year 10 and 11 assembly led by Mr. Back (as he was also their teacher). He was talking to the students about a great science program that the school had invested in for them — Tassomai. Naturally, as Sir was speaking, the gang had the sneaky idea to jot down the code which would allow the “Year 11s and 10s” to access Tassomai.

After the assembly it was break, and the group ran straight to computer room to test their theory. They went to, entered the code and…

It worked! The gang were in!

The Result

After successfully “hacking” into Tassomai, the group became a sort of anonymous threat (except for Hannah, who went back to laughing at terrible memes). A whisper here and there; The Radiowave Gang are beating you on Tassomai!

The Year 10s shivered and the Year 11s gulped as their speculations were confirmed when teachers cried “well the Radiowave Gang answered 640 questions in just one day, and you thought you’d just answer 5!?”

However, they became too cocky (well Mitchell always was, of course), and soon the group were pinned with suspecting glares from their science teacher, Mr. Back.

Not too long after that, the group confessed their sins to him — they had broken into Tassomai. Instead of detention being set (or even isolation, for that matter), Mr. Back just smiled and tutted.

They were in the clear and free to use Tassomai!

Or were they…?

Find out in the next gripping instalment of the Radiowave Gang’s story. 

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