Pricing for schools

Tassomai is now more affordable than ever before, and available for even more year groups! Schools can now purchase Tassomai for KS4 science and KS3 English, science and maths. The program is priced on a per-student basis, with the price dependent on how many full cohorts are using the program.

For every full cohort using Tassomai, the price per student is reduced, down to just £5 if being used for all 5 year groups.

N.B. A “full cohort” means that a school purchases Tassomai for every student in that year group. If you use Tassomai in all 5 years, but not for every student in a year group, then you will be charged at the one cohort price.

In addition to this there are several different ways to get a 10% discount (see below), and an additional 5% discount is available if schools pay in full by 31/07/2019.

Price per student No Discount 10% Discount Paying before 31/07/19
1 cohort £15 £13.50 £12.75
2 cohorts £10 £9 £8.50
3 cohorts £8 £7.20 £6.80
4 cohorts £6.50 £5.85 £5.53
5 cohorts £5 £4.50 £4.25

Please get in touch for a full quote - we will guarantee to beat or match your price-per-student from last year.

If you used Tassomai last year, and would like to renew your account please contact your Customer Success Manager:

If you did not use Tassomai last year, and would like to purchase accounts for your school please contact our Sales Manager, Chris or click here to book a demo.

There are several ways to qualify for the 10% discount:

  • Order before 1/10/19

  • Membership of PiXL

  • Referred by another school that uses Tassomai

  • Membership of a Tassomai-affiliated teaching association

N.B. Only one of these discounts can be applied - if you qualify for several, the discount is still 10%.

If you order and pay before 1/08/19 then the discount is 15%.

If you order before the end of this academic year, we offer free early access for students that will be using the KS4 science content.

Prices for MATs available on request.