The science of learning

(It’s why Tassomai works!)

Tassomai works on a principle of little and often.

Studies have shown people learn more when they work for concentrated, short bursts every day, frequently switching between topics and returning to them at strategically timed intervals.  Teachers call these techniques “interleaving” and “spacing”.

Tassomai engages students through frequent quizzing or “low-stakes testing” and instant feedback which is proven to be the most effective way to embed knowledge.

Tassomai helps students get top grades

Tassomai is an activity that stimulates metacognition

Metacognition is, put simply, thinking about one's thinking. Actively engaging students in self-testing helps them understand where the gaps in their knowledge are and it enables them to witness where they are improving and building confidence.

Tassomai helped with exam stress as my son went into the exams confident.
- Sally, parent

Brain illustration
Spread learning

Retrieval practice over longer periods builds solid foundations

Tassomai’s algorithm is smart enough to adapt to the needs of late joiners, but the real learning magic happens when it’s used over a longer period of time alongside schoolwork. 

Spreading learning enables students to build up solid foundations and embed knowledge.

By the time exams come around, students are confident; they “know what they know” and exams are a little less testing for everyone.


Practice makes permanent!

Have you ever tried to improve at a sport or learnt to play a musical instrument?

If so you’ll recognise the “repetitive practice” approach used by Tassomai to aid learning.  It’s the same approach that sports people and musicians use to build muscle memory and establish good patterns of behaviour until they become second nature.

Tassomai’s founder Murray used to work with professional athletes and musicians, he studied their techniques and combined them with academic research and adaptive technology to create a highly effective platform for learning.

Musicians and sports people practicing

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