Tassomai makes a difference! 

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Tassomai is raising attainment in GCSE science and other core subjects.

The program is used by private subscribers and more than 100,000 students in 450+ schools across England and Wales.

Tassomai is changing the way students learn and enabling teachers to spend less time on marking and more time teaching. 


helping schools to boost grades…


We introduced Tassomai with a goal to improve our science results from the lowest 20% in the country to being at the national average - in fact we are now in the top 20% in the country!

Carole Dean, Deputy Headteacher,
The Stonehenge School 


Our 2018 results were magnificent, the best GCSE science grades the school has seen. Over 7% of our students got the highest possible grade and over half of the cohort were above 55.

Claire Crichton-Allen, Curriculum Lead for Science,
Matthew Moss High School


In 2017 we worked with schools using Tassomai to carry out an impact assessment, analysing 68010 module UMS scores.

We found that the more a student uses Tassomai the better their results.

Where students complete 80% or more of the course:

  • 90% of students achieved C or above in their GCSE science exams

  • 50% of students got an A or A* grade

  • A / A* passes were 29% higher than the national average

GCSE science grades for Tassomai users in 2017 (completing 80% or more of the course).

GCSE science grades for Tassomai users in 2017 (completing 80% or more of the course).

National average grades for GCSE science in 2017  ( JCQ data )

National average grades for GCSE science in 2017
(JCQ data)


saving teachers time…


Immediate feedback from Tassomai makes it easy for teachers to see whether individual students or classes have understood a topic, enabling them to rapidly intervene and target any knowledge gaps.

The reduction in marking has been notable… Tassomai essentially allows us to have more learning time both within and outside of lesson and results in fewer admin and paperwork tasks.

Laura Foulsham, Head of Science,
St. John Bosco College

Impact of Tassomai on teacher workload at a school in South London

St. John Bosco College told us that using Tassomai has helped them cut down on marking giving each teacher an extra 2 hours per week to spend on teaching.

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leading the way…


Tassomai has been awarded for its engagement with EDUCATE, a programme developed by UCL and the Institute of Education to help EdTech companies make product development decisions based on solid, evidence based research.


In 2019 we were named “Best Educational Resource for Parents and Home learning” and we were finalists for “Company of the Year” and “Best Secondary Product”.

The Bett judging panel said: “This revision resource is laser focused on helping learners prioritise through adaptive learning.”

In 2018 we were Education Resource Awards finalists in the ”Best Collaboration Between School and Supplier” category and in 2019 we were in the running for the ”Supplier of the Year” award.

In 2018 we were Education Resource Awards finalists in the  ”Best Collaboration Between School and Supplier”  category and in 2019 we were in the running for the  ”Supplier of the Year”  award.

We are also highly rated by teachers on the independent, external review platformsLendED” and “EdTech Impact”.


Feedback from our students, parents and teachers…

Thank you – the support your program gave my son whilst revising for his science GCSE was invaluable. The way it was laid out and the weekly reports we received were really helpful.
— Daniela, year 11 parent
Our science results last year were the best in the school’s history, aided greatly by the use of Tassomai.
— Lautaro Fernandez, Head of Science, Alec Hunter Academy
Joe firmly believes that Tassomai was the difference between an A and an A* and that he wouldn’t have achieved his amazing results without it.
— Vanessa, year 11 parent
Tassomai is a pivotal part of our science teaching program for years 9, 10 and 11… Tassomai provides our teachers with incredibly useful data feedback, ensuring focused therapy and reducing the amount of time spent marking.
— Simon Barber, Principal, Carshalton Boys Sports College
Tassomai has been an incredible learning tool to assist me in achieving an A* in both chemistry and physics GCSE. I would definitely recommend using Tassomai - it’s amazing!
— Lowenna, student, Cornwall
It’s literally the best homework anyone could set!
— Year 11 student, Richard Lander School, Truro
Within an hour I remembered more through Tassomai than with 10 hours of revision from a textbook.
— Year 10 student, Budehaven
We can’t thank you enough and have been telling everyone we know about it!
— Helen, parent
Indispensable. This carefully crafted program and Tassomai’s dedicated team supports the student to mastery.
— Susan, parent
Just get it!
— Lucy Dietrich, Raising Standards Lead, Belmont Community School
Saw this on TV and we started it for my son who is dyslexic – he is finding this so useful for his revision for GCSEs and for a boy who finds organising himself to revise so difficult this has just transformed him.
— Melissa, parent
This is a fantastic resource and I would encourage parents to either subscribe or badger their school to join!
— Eileen, grandmother
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