New "refer-a-friend" scheme!

N.B. This offer has now ended.

From 1st February until the end of March we’re trialling a new refer-a-friend scheme for our private subscribers!

Tell your friends about Tassomai and for every friend that signs up on your recommendation we’ll give you £10 “Tasso-credit”! In the interests of sharing the love, we’ll also give your friends £10 off their second months’s fees.


How does it work?

  • You tell your friends about Tassomai;

  • They sign up;

  • When signing up, they choose the option “Personal Recommendation” under “how did you hear about Tassomai” and put your name;

  • Each week we check to see if you’ve been named as a referrer;

  • For every person who’s named you, we credit your Tassomai account £10!

  • We will also credit £10 to your friend’s account - this will reduce their second month’s subscription.

Lots of our subscribers hear about Tassomai through their friends - we tried to reward this with the TassoMates scheme, but that only rewarded one random customer each month. We’re hoping that this new scheme will fairly reward all of our most enthusiastic Tassomai advocates!

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Either click one of the links above or copy and paste this: “My child’s using Tassomai to help them study and revise - sign your child up and say I referred you and we both save £10! Find out more at

Sign up now!

If your friend has recommended you sign up to Tassomai, you can do that below - just make sure you put down their name!

N.B. Please try to ensure your friend puts down the name you use on Tassomai, so we are able to match accounts as easily and quickly as possible.

N.B. Because billing dates vary, the credit may not appear in your account for a few weeks after you have been credited.

N.B. While we trial this new scheme, our usual “TassoMates scheme” has been paused.