“Back to School” offer for private subscribers

Tassomai "Back to School" 50% discount offer


Research into learning and revision shows the best way to learn is “little and often”, spreading learning over as long a period as possible.

It’s one of the key principles behind Tassomai, along with interleaving (switching between a variety of topics) and regular repetition and testing.

That’s why we want to make it easier and more affordable for private subscribers to start Tassomai earlier in the year.

We normally offer a 25% discount for anyone subscribing to 3 or more subjects*, but from now until the end of September we’re offering a 50% discount.  That means our most popular, triple science course works out to £30 per month, instead of £45 per month.

Anyone who subscribes before the end of September 2018 will get this reduced monthly rate throughout the full period of their subscription.

If you’re already a Tassomai subscriber, don’t worry, we’ll be applying the same discount rate to you and there’s no need for you to do anything.

We’re committed to making Tassomai more accessible as our business grows and we’ll continue to bring prices down as more learners come on board.

* A Tassomai-tip... some subjects are made up of 2 "papers".  As soon as you add 3 or more papers to your basket, the 50% discount will apply automatically.

* The discount may not go live until Thursday morning, but will be retroactively applied to anyone subscribed before then.

*This discount will apply until 1/09/19, or until the courses have been cancelled or have expired, or until you are no longer subscribed to three courses and therefore do not qualify for the discount.