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Schools across England and Wales have used Tassomai for Key Stage 4 science since 2015.

In response to demand from teachers - and following successful trials - we introduced Key Stage 3 content in 2019/20 covering the core subjects of maths, English and science.

Tassomai for maths, science and English

Science, it’s in our DNA

Our GCSE science content is becoming an indispensable resource for teachers. It covers all the required topics and specification points for KS4 students in England and Wales.

Tassomai quizzes are exam board specific, ensuring students are fully prepared for their GCSE exams.

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✔ OCR 21st Century
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Quality courses, created by experts

All Tassomai content is written and edited by subject specialists and teachers.

Our strict quality control process, the ability for students to flag questions and the fact that over 1 million questions are viewed every day ensures that Tassomai is the most vetted and quality-assured EdTech content on the market. 


Tassomai is increasingly good value 

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve brought prices down year-on-year as more schools come on board. For 2019/20, schools that use Tassomai for all students in years 7-11 will pay no more than £5 per-student

  • A maximum price of £15 per-student applies to schools buying for single year groups or selected students only. 

  • Various discounts apply for PiXL schools, MATS and more.

  • Schools sign up for the duration of the academic year, the price per student is the same regardless of when the school starts using the program.

Read more about pricing.

We strongly recommend that schools start Tassomai early in the academic year and use Tassomai across full cohorts and multiple year groups. This ensures schools get the best value from their investment in the program and that it has the maximum possible impact on attainment.

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