Tassomai for schools

Improving outcomes for all learners

Tassomai is the most impactful learning and revision platform available, used by more than 450 schools in England and Wales to boost attainment and engage learners in independent study. 

We introduced Tassomai with a goal to improve our science results from the lowest 20% in the country to being at the national average - in fact we are now in the top 20% in the country!
- Carole Dean, Deputy Headteacher, The Stonehenge School 


Watch this short video to learn more and to find out how Tassomai is used in schools.


 ✔ Helping schools to boost grades for all ability groups

✔ Providing powerful data to teachers & school leaders

✔ Freeing up teachers to spend more time teaching


Learning is easy and convenient for students

Micro-quizzes and tutorial videos build and reinforce a student’s knowledge, increase their confidence and can even be used as flipped learning to teach new material ahead of class.

With every interaction, our intelligent algorithm learns what students understand and what they don't yet know, continually adapting content to prioritise topics where students need to focus their efforts.

Tassomai’s algorithm personalises content for each learner
Tassomai’s understanding grid

Teachers can rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses

Usage data feeds into the understanding grid, instantly showing teachers their students' progress and accuracy, down to the finest detail.

Teachers can see at a glance where individual students and entire classes are excelling and struggling, enabling them to target intervention and therapy and drastically reducing time spent on assessment, marking and analysis.

The reduction in marking has been notable… Tassomai essentially allows us to have more learning time both within and outside of lesson and results in fewer admin and paperwork tasks.
- Laura Foulsham, Head of Science, St. John Bosco College, Battersea


Parents are engaged in their child’s learning

We know from conversations with teachers that reporting outcomes and engaging parents is important. That’s why we make it easy for schools to keep parents in the loop with a tailored weekly report detailing their child’s progress.

Parent report
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Put Tassomai to work in your school

We offer all schools a free 5 week trial, personalised support from our Customer Success Team and a guaranteed 5-9 grade at GCSE for all students who complete 80% of the course (or your money back!).

For 2019/20, Tassomai covers more subjects and is more affordable than ever before when schools use the platform across multiple year groups.

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