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Tassomai makes learning and revising for GCSE Science as effective and as straightforward as possible. Users can see the revision topics they need to work through, they can see how they are getting on so far, and they can see what they should do next.

Tassomai organises a daily routine, prioritising each topic and subject based on progress so far and time remaining (ie. the date of the exam). Simply log in regularly and complete the assignments at the top of the list. The mission is simple - keep the pace of progress up to the speed prescribed - a task that requires a few minutes attention each day.

Tassomai gives targeted and intelligent guidance through the entire syllabus - courses are tailored for all exam boards and to the current (2017) and new (2018) specifications.

Although Tassomai makes an excellent revision tool, it is most effective when used as a learning tool throughout the school year - practice makes permanent.

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Tassomai instantly provides teachers with a rich and detailed data resource for their entire class.

This is our Student Accuracy Matrix (SAM) - it shows topics where a group is excelling or struggling, and identifies individuals who need particular attention at a glance.

Teachers are able to explore this data for each subject down to the lowest level of granularity defined in the syllabus, drastically cutting time spent on marking and analysis.

Tassomai compiles this data from the very moment students begin to answer questions; the SAM and student rankings update constantly to provide live data of progress at all times.

Parents receive a weekly progress report with a summary of their children's Tassomai activity.

If you have any questions, or would like a live demonstration, please contact us at or 0203 380 7968.

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You only pay for results - all students who hit our targets are guaranteed an A*-C, or you will receive a refund.

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If you would like to place an order, or you would like to organise a live demonstration, please contact us at or 0203 380 7968.

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