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 "Tassomai helped students develop a solid understanding of the content enabling us to focus on teaching application skills, significantly improving our results."

Mr F, Head of Science, North London

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Tassomai works for students...

  • Tassomai helps students in years 9, 10 and 11 prepare for their GCSE science exams (combined or separate sciences) and from Autumn 2019, Key Stage 3 English, maths and science!

  • Content is written by subject specialists and teachers, and KS4 science content is specific to each major exam board.

  • Micro-quizzes reinforce a student's knowledge, build their confidence and can even be used as flipped learning to teach new material ahead of class.

  • Our intelligent algorithm learns what students already understand and what they don't yet know.

  • The program prioritises topics where students are struggling, and adapts to ensure they finish in time for their exams.

  • Our method of targeted repetition makes learning as effective and efficient as possible.

  • Tassomai works best when used over a long period of time alongside schoolwork, but it is also an effective revision tool for students who start late in year 11.

  • Students who start at the beginning of year 11 typically take around ten to fifteen minutes a day to complete the course.

  • A study of 2017’s GCSE science results found that 90% of students who used Tassomai regularly achieved a C or higher (and 50% got an A or A*).

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...and makes teachers' lives easier

  • The understanding grid instantly shows teachers their students' progress and accuracy, down to the finest detail.

  • See at a glance where individual students and entire classes are excelling and struggling on the dot grid.

  • Teachers can target intervention and therapy, drastically reducing time spent on assessment, marking and analysis.

  • Parents are kept in the loop with a tailored weekly report detailing their child's progress.

  • Tassomai can be used on any internet-enabled device, making it easy for students to hit their daily target.

  • The program's flexibility means it can be used in the classroom to add variety to lessons, as a structured homework option, or as a backup to teacher absence.

  • Schools have reported saving thousands of pounds using Tassomai instead of cover teachers.

Tassomai makes a difference… 

“We introduced Tassomai with a goal to improve our science results from the lowest 20% in the country to being at the national average - in fact we are now in the top 20% in the country!”

Carole Dean, Deputy Headteacher,
The Stonehenge School 

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Put Tassomai to work in your school

• Discounts are available for PiXL schools, members of Multi-Academy Trusts and more!

• Trial Tassomai for free in your school for 5 weeks.

• 5-9 grade guaranteed for KS4 students who complete 80% of the course (or your money back!)

• Tassomai’s Customer Success Team will help you use the program and get the best results.

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