How does Tassomai work? 

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Distilling the information

Each syllabus has been broken down into quizzable micro-facts, covering everything students need to know for their exams


Adapting to the user

Tassomai’s unique algorithm adapts itself to the user, targeting their weaknesses, and tailors the quizzes accordingly


Learn through daily quizzing

Students only need to do a few minutes each day to keep up with their targets and complete the course in time for their exams


Practice makes permanent

Targeted repetition, done little and often, is the most effective and efficient way to implant knowledge and prepare for exams


How do the quizzes work?

The question format is simple - multiple choice - which allows for the entire syllabus to be covered both effectively and efficiently, with new questions unlocked when students prove they have learnt the previous content. Questions have "mastery stars" to show students if they have seen the question before, and what their answer history on that question is.


The Daily Goal

A student’s aim each day is simply to answer enough correct questions to complete their daily goal. If they do this then they should be fully prepared when they get to their exams. The daily goal starts at 30 correct answers, but if students don’t complete it often enough it will begin to rise to a maximum of 40 correct answers a day - at which point it will not push them to complete the course. If they are aiming to complete the entire course, you should check their projected progress on the teacher or parent dashboard.

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