Celebrating Schools with the EdTech 50

The Edtech 50 Schools is a celebration of the work going on in schools that use education technology to support great teaching and learning across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The EdTech 50 Schools report

The report highlights digital flagship schools who demonstrate a focused sense of what is useful to them in terms of technology - whether it be in supporting teaching, cutting teacher workload, collaboration across staff teams or consolidating knowledge, enhancing creativity and broadening experiences across the curriculum.

We were delighted to see several Tassomai-using schools featured in the report - and to see a couple of mentions of Tassomai too!

Leeds West Academy were recognised for their bespoke online system called the ‘ANT’ (which stands for Additional Needs Team).

West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s highlighted their use of technology to encourage independent learning and the judges were impressed with the way the school was making ‘thoughtful use of tech’.

The Stonehenge School were included as ‘Ones to Note’ for their ‘impressive turnaround of GCSE science grades following adoption of Tassomai’ and for reducing the gender attainment gap.

Read more about Tassomai and The Stonehenge School here.

Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale were included in the EdTech 50 and recognised for their use of Tassomai to help boost attainment in GCSE science.  The judges were particularly impressed by Matthew Moss High’s Saturday school sessions where local sixth formers peer coach younger students, using Tassomai data to identify any problem areas.  The judges said ‘here is an example of integrated educational technology impacting on a school at all levels.’ One notes the life changing outcomes… ‘complemented by canny involvement of sixth formers in a tutoring capacity. Fantastic!’

Read more about Tassomai and Matthew Moss High School here.

A massive congratulations to all the schools featured in the EdTech 50 and to all the teachers using technology in imaginative and innovative ways to support teaching and learning across the country.

You can find out more about the EdTech 50 on the Education Foundation’s website.