Update to quiz interface

Update 20/03/19: These improvements are now live!

We’ve updated how quizzes look - although these changes are mainly cosmetic, students can now see and do more than before.

Reviewing questions

You can now scroll through questions easily

You can now scroll through questions easily

Previously, students could only look back at their most recent answer - they can now review any question they’ve already answered in a quiz. They can look back at answers by clicking the circles above questions or using the arrows to cycle through.

Quiz score and target

The top right of the quiz now displays how many correct answers a student has already given in that quiz and their target of correct answers for that quiz.

Students are given a personalised target of correct answers for every quiz. If students hit this target they’ve done well on that quiz and so get an XP bonus - this update means it’s now easy for students to see if they’re going to hit the target.

Question mastery

New “mastery” stars

New “mastery” stars

A student is considered to have “mastered” a question when they have answered it correctly three times - this is when the program knows they’ve learned it.

We previously showed this through the bars on the right hand side, but the new stars above the question are a much clearer way of showing students this.

Red stars represent incorrect answers and green stars represent correct answers - but when a question is mastered, these green stars turn blue, showing that the student has completed that question.