How to use the Subjects Tab

The Subjects Tab is where you can find out how well you’re doing in each subject and topic - and where you can (to an extent) control the content you see. Read more about how to use it below, or watch this short video…

N.B. Your teacher is able to control when you can use the Subjects Tab. They can change it so that you can access quizzes from here whenever you want, never or only after you have completed your daily goal.


The Bars

When you open the Subjects view you’ll see several bars. The top bar, “Overall”, shows you your progress through the entire course, while the bars below it represent individual subjects. If you click on “Topics” it will open up the topics within that subject, letting you see a more in depth breakdown.


Towards the top right of each bar you’ll see your progress in that topic or subject. Progress is gained when you see a question for the first time, and for each correct answer until you’ve “mastered” it by answering it correctly three times in a row.


Each bar is comprised of up to four colours, and these segments represent different groups of questions:

  • Blue: Questions you have “mastered”.

  • Green: Questions you have answered correctly at least once, but not mastered yet.

  • Red: Questions you have never answered correctly.

  • Grey: Questions you have not yet seen.


It is here that you can pause topics if you don’t want to take any quizzes on them that day, or unpause a topic which has been paused by your teacher (if your school purchased Tassomai).

N.B. Your settings will revert to your teacher’s at midnight every night.


The two suggested quizzes on the homepage are the ones which our algorithm thinks are the most important for you to do, but if you want to focus on one specific topic or subject you can do it here.

There are two important things to note here:

  1. If you choose to quiz in a subject, the program will choose the topic which you most need to study based on Tassomai’s unique algorithm.

  2. When you choose any quiz in the subject tab you can’t get “bonus XP” for hitting your target of correct questions - this is because it is almost always better to take the suggested quiz.