Tassomai Christmas Competition!

Christmas Competition

Get in the festive spirit and get your students working hard over the holidays with the Tassomai Christmas Competition!

The competition will run from 14/12/18 until 07/01/19 inclusive, so will cover the entire holiday - and give you a chance to get your students engaged before the end of term!

This is also a great replacement for setting homework over the holidays; you’ll know students are doing enough work, but won’t be faced with the prospect of piles of marking when you get back! Just tell your students to keep completing their Daily Goals during the Christmas break.

Schools will be ranked by Daily Goals per student per week, with any ties decided by Bonus Goals per student per week, and then by accuracy (although we think it’s unlikely this will be necessary!).

The top 30 schools will be published in a national leaderboard on social media, and we’ll also send you an overview of how much work your entire cohort of students did during the competition period.

We might also post some updates on our social media feeds over the holidays… so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to opt out, please email us and let us know, otherwise we’ll assume you want to take part.