TassoTask 4 - Manage Content

By default all of the content is switched on for every student. The program starts by showing students the easiest content, and as they answer questions correctly they unlock more.

This means that students often see topics which they haven’t been taught in school yet - this is intentional, as flipped learning is built into Tassomai and it’s been called “the best flipped learning tool I’ve ever seen”.

However, if you’d rather pause content so that students are only tested on topics they’ve covered in class it’s simple to do. Select the relevant class (this isn’t possible for years or additional groups*) and click “Lesson Plan” on the top right.

Then, just untick any topic you haven’t taught yet - this will stop it from coming up. Students can pause and unpause topics if they want to, but it will revert to your default settings at midnight every day.

N.B. Make sure you unpause topics at some point, or students might never cover the material on Tassomai!

*Additional groups can be setup alongside classes - these are often used for intervention, tutor groups and houses. Get in touch if you want us to set some up for you.