Track Usage

 After all your students have created their accounts, you need to make sure they’re actually using the program.

Login to your account, and select the relevant class, year group or additional group* on the left hand side.

To see which students have hardly used the site in the last week click on “Lapsed Students” - this will show you all the students who’ve completed fewer than 2 Daily Goals in the last 7 days. You can remove this filter by clicking on “Lapsed Students” again, or change it to show you which students are “Struggling” (2-3 Daily Goals) or “Engaged” (4+ Daily Goals) in the last 7 days.

Tassomai Teacher Dashboard - usage GIF

You can rank by any of the metrics in this table, and see different data by switching to “Performance” - although bear in mind that “Projected Final Progress” takes a few days to calibrate.

“Projected Final Progress” and the “Understanding Grid” both require a few weeks of usage before they generate powerful data - this is why getting good usage from students is so important.

At the start we’d suggest focussing on which students are “Engaged”, “Struggling” or “Lapsed” - give out prizes to any students who are “Engaged” and punishments for “Lapsed” students to get them using Tassomai regularly!

*Additional groups can be setup alongside classes - these are often used for intervention, tutor groups and houses. Get in touch if you want us to set some up for you.