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Here's a selection of articles from the Tassomai team that may be interesting for educators, students or parents.

Teachers are central to the good use of edtech

Cat Scutt, a former teacher and director of education and research at the Chartered College of Teaching says edtech is all about improving efficiency and the most critical piece of the puzzle in ensuring that technology is used well is the teacher.

Reform (Think Tank)
Beyond gadgets: EdTech to help close the opportunity gap

This report from June 2018 illustrates the potential of edtech to help close the opportunity gap. The paper highlights the different areas where edtech could support disadvantaged pupils and the mechanisms for enabling schools to embrace the opportunities offered by technology.

Innovate My School
Can more testing reduce workload AND enhance learning?

Allen Hall, vice principal for curriculum and assessment at Waterhead Academy says more testing isn't as scary as it sounds and that the impact of testing (particularly low stakes testing),  on pupil learning should be reconsidered. 

The Guardian
"Five proven hacks to help students tackle revision"

This article is all about  working smarter and the techniques pupils can use to improve their long-term memory and help them to flourish in exams. Techniques like spacing, interleaving and low stakes testing, all of which are essential components of Tassomai.

"Five tips for supporting independent GCSE revision"

Head of Geography Mark Enser says that: "ideally, revision should be an ongoing part of the course where pupils revise for short, low-stakes quizzes on previous topics throughout the year. Explain that their motto should be: keep up, don't catch up."