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"Tassomai is revolutionary!
It has changed my attitude towards science and it took the stress out of my exams."

Tom, Year 11, Berkshire


Tassomai works for students...

  • Micro-quizzes reinforce a student’s knowledge, build their confidence and teach them new information.

  • Tassomai’s intelligent algorithm learns what students already understand and what they don’t yet know.

  • The program organises students’ work for them, focusing on completing the syllabus in time for their exams.

  • Our method of targeted repetition makes learning as effective and efficient as possible.

  • Tassomai works extremely effectively as a revision tool, but start early and it significantly reduces the amount of revision needed at exam time.

  • Early starters typically take around 10-15 minutes a day to complete the course.

  • It’s extremely accessible; Tassomai can be used on any internet enabled device — phones, tablets, laptops and even games consoles!

  • A study of 2017’s GCSE science results found that 90% of students who used Tassomai regularly achieved a C or higher (and 50% got an A or A*).

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...And gives parents peace of mind

  • Tassomai supports and directs learning, like a private tutor, but for only a fraction of the cost.

  • There’s no long-term contract — Tassomai works as a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

  • Weekly progress reports keep parents updated on their child’s performance and usage.

  • Parents have their own login enabling them to manage their subscriptions and explore their child’s topics and activity in more detail.

  • We guarantee a 7-9 grade in GCSE science if the course is completed (or your money back!).

Get on board with Tassomai

• Tassomai is most commonly used by GCSE science students in years 9, 10 and 11, with over 50,000 users last year.

• Tassomai has also been used to huge success in all core Common Entrance subjects — maths, English, French, Latin and science.

• There are other courses available for students of all ages — buy online or talk to a member of our admin team about constructing a bespoke course.

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