GCSE results day 2019 

We’ve been keeping everything crossed for all our Tassomai using schools and their students and we hope that your GCSE science results this year are the best ever.

We would love to know how your students got on, please contact us if you get a spare minute to let us know.

We’ve also created some shareable celebratory graphics for use on social media which you can download below.

On this page:

Download our shareable graphics!

Share your success with local media

Write a Case Study for the TassoBlog

Download these graphics and share them on social media!

  • Just right click on the image, then save it to your desktop or copy and paste it straight into a social media post 

  • Some popular hashtags to use are: #GCSEs2019, #GCSEresults, #GCSEscience

  • If you’re feeling creative and want to customise these graphics, Canva is an easy to use online editing program

Sharing your success with local media

If you have had a particularly good year and want to share your results with local media, or you have a student (or students) with an interesting story to tell, we’d love to work with your school to get some media coverage.

Just complete the form below with a little more information on the story and we’ll be in touch to discuss the best approach.

Case studies for the TassoBlog

If you would like to contribute a Tassomai case study for our blog, let us know and we can work together to tell your school’s Tassomai story.

We’re looking for case studies about:

  • The impact Tassomai has had on your students and their results (either as a cohort or success stories about particular individuals)

  • The impact of Tassomai on your teaching approach and your workload

  • Case studies about successfully launching and implementing Tassomai (and keeping students motivated)

Enjoy the rest of the summer holiday, and see you next term!