How does Tassomai work?

Isn’t Tassomai just a rote-learning quiz machine? How can that teach?

Far from it!  We pretend it’s a quiz - it looks like a quiz and feels like a quiz, but in reality, Tassomai is subtly implanting knowledge in students’ heads.  Rote learning means going over the same thing again and again with no feedback.  Tassomai finds out what you don’t yet know and teaches you that material.  Then it checks you remember it.  If you’ve proved you know something, Tassomai will stop asking you… (for a while!) Once a student gets deep into the program, they find that they have more thorough knowledge, the vocabulary with which to express that knowledge, and more confidence in their abilities.

What do you mean 'Tassomai tailors itself to my child'?

Every time a student answers one of our carefully devised questions, they learn a bit more about the subject and Tassomai learns a bit more about them.  Each response allows the algorithm of the software to shape the revision program for the user: making tests easier or harder, putting more focus into weaker or more important topics, and balancing the need to impart new knowledge with the need to build a bit of confidence.  Every user will have a different experience, but every user will have the same end-goal: that their determination will be rewarded with great results.

How is Tassomai different from other revision programs?

No other program has Tassomai’s comprehensive and thorough method of tailored practice, targeted repetition and intelligent, structured revision.  No other method guarantees an A-Grade.  Need we say more?

How soon should I see results?

Tassomai takes time and it builds and improves with regular practice: much like joining a gym will not make you fit in a day… That said, we think that after only a few days, you should start to see a few things taking hold and after a couple of weeks, you will see significant, lasting changes.

How do I get the maximum benefit out of Tassomai?

Does Tassomai provide any other teaching material to accompany the tests?

Tassomai’s tests are the teaching material! Don’t be deceived into thinking that it’s just quizzing the student… As they work through the tests, the questions themselves build up the big picture in the student’s head.  They can speed up the process by identifying those questions where they struggle and checking up on that topic in their text-book.  Tassomai helps students to become self-sufficient in their studies by raising their awareness of their problem topics.

When is the best time to start on Tassomai?

The sooner, the better: revision has been proved to be much more effective when carried out over longer periods of time.  It’s never too late to get on board with Tassomai, but equally it can never be too early!  The sooner you begin, the more manageable the pace and the stronger the build-up of knowledge.

How much time does Tassomai take each day?

It depends: There’s a certain amount to get through, so the earlier you start, the more gentle the pace from day to day.  Ability makes a difference too so it will take more time if you are weaker, less if you’re stronger.  Tassomai’s unique pacing graphics will tell you how much to do each day and will balance all the subjects against each other for a thorough and organised program.  We recommend that students covering a science Double Award spend around 15 minutes per day on their Tassomai with more intensive activity in the holidays.

How do I help my son/daughter to use Tassomai?

Encourage them to get into the routine of daily practice.  Encourage them to be determined and to take the time always to read the questions.  Suggest that they start to scribble down any notes on those questions where they go wrong.  Above all, explain to them that the aim is to learn, practise and improve: they should not be afraid to make a mistake - that’s how they learn and that’s how Tassomai will learn to help them.  Help them to believe that with this mature and thorough approach, they can earn a top grade.

Is the speed that they answer important?

Yes, but not how you might think...  If students answer too fast and make silly mistakes, Tassomai will hold up their progress.  Students who do not rush make the smoothest and most rapid progress through the course (it’s counterintuitive, but it’s an important lesson!).

How do I know if my son/daughter is doing enough work?

You receive an emailed report each week which tells you how busy they have been, shows you graphs of their scores each day and points out which areas need attention.  You can also contact us anytime for a bit of feedback and advice.

Signing up & finding the right programme

Can I have a free trial?

See our offer – try Tassomai for one month (but commit to our guided program with a few tests each day to stay on track) and in the unlikely event you don’t feel it’s of huge benefit, we’ll give you a full refund.  Check T&C’s for further detail.

What do I need to get started?

Your email address to identify yourself when logging in, a payment card and a separate email address for your child to identify them when logging in.

I can’t find the course I want – do you have it?

We may do…! Our content builders are hard at work on new courses and many may be available ‘behind the scenes’ if not on the website yet.  Email us to find out more and we will see what we can do….

Am I committed to subscribing to Tassomai for the rest of the year?

No - you are able to drop out at any time simply by logging in to your ‘parent’ account to manage your subscriptions.  You are also able to add new courses through your parental log-in.  You pay a subscription for each month or part-month of the course and any unused credit can remain to discount from future course registrations.

My son/daughter isn’t in their GCSE year until next September. Is there a course we can use now?

Absolutely.  If you know which exam they will be sitting (i.e. the board and specification of the course), there is no reason that they cannot get a headstart on the programme: let us know if this is your intention and we can make sure that the program runs for the correct period of time - and we can advise on how to get the best out of the software in this case.

What about A levels?

We are working on it!  Rest assured that by the time you receive your GCSE grades this summer, we plan to have A Level science options ready to start next September.

A - Grade learning & revision

Why is it so expensive?

Tassomai delivers amazingly comprehensive learning and revision (that guarantees great results), all for the cost of an hour’s private tuition (that gives no assurance of value whatsoever).  We would say that it is money very well spent, and if you don’t agree, you can stop at any time.  And remember, you can use Tassomai completely free if you introduce a few friends to the website.

Is Tassomai science course a substitute for private tuition?

We are sure that it is - Tassomai makes sure that all the material is learned and understood.  As a daily routine, children learn much more efficiently and thoroughly with this method and at a tiny fraction of the cost.  If you already have a tutor, then Tassomai will ensure that you are getting the maximum value from their services.

How can you possibly guarantee that students will get an A?

Tassomai is the most scientific approach possible to revising science.  We have built courses that cover all the required knowledge for each of the major exam board’s specifications and course permutations.  These courses have been formulated by highly experienced experts and the software makes sure that every concept is fully understood and that the student has the vocabulary to explain those topics in the exams.  Anybody who has completed the course simply cannot fail to score highly.  If we don’t deliver an A for you, we don’t want to take your money.

Why do you guarantee an A only for the sciences?

The science exams are a special case: the specifications of the boards explain precisely what is required and we can ensure that this information is learned absolutely.  We know that anybody who completes the course will earn themselves an A grade.  In other subjects such as mathematics and languages, our courses offer an invaluable “skills practice” where arithmetic, algebra, number and shape knowledge, and grammar, vocabulary, and idiom (respectively) can be practised thoroughly, but that practice is not so exam-board-specific.

Managing your Tassomai programme

If my son/daughter misses a week, will they be able to catch up?

Yes, Tassomai regularly adjusts the targets to accommodate students who miss days or who surge ahead in certain areas.  That said, there’s no hiding place in Tassomai and if you fall behind, we’ll help you catch up... But you will have to work a bit harder to get to the end of the course on time.

My son/daughter is still studying the course at school – should I wait until they’ve finished before beginning Tassomai?

We recommend that you do not wait: by Christmas of Year 11, there will be very few topics not yet covered.  The worst that can happen is that by using Tassomai, the student will get ahead of the class and find those lessons a little easier than they otherwise would have done!  In the meantime, they will be getting a headstart on their revision.

Can students control their revision through Tassomai, or is it all automatic?

Students do have control: they can decide what to revise (though Tassomai always recommends what we think they should do next for best revision quality); they can pause any topics that they wish to avoid for a while; they can focus on topics where they would like more practice in the short term.  They are also able to adjust their targets in some courses to influence their day-to-day practice.

There isn’t much time until the exam – do you recommend the full course or one of the crammer courses?

The full courses are much more comprehensive and make a complete fit for your syllabus’ specification.  We would always recommend that you take the full course if possible.  If there is only a short time remaining, we might need to adjust the targets as it may be difficult to complete the course on time… but even a fraction of the full course will be the best option.  Talk to us and we can help make the program work for you after you have made a start.