Tassomai PiXL Build Up Terms & Conditions

Tassomai is embracing PiXL Build Up as a means of helping more schools embed impactful EdTech into their curriculum. Paramount to us is that schools are implementing the software as strongly as possible; in the case of Build Up, this comes with restrictions on terms:


  • The provision of free accounts comes at considerable cost to us as a company which requires us to hold to a certain quota.  

  • For new schools: Subject to that allowance and our conditions on implementation, we are happy to offer the Build Up places to any school that is adopting Tassomai for the first time.

  • For existing Tassomai schools: Likewise, any existing customer schools using Build Up as part of a full-cohort rollout would be eligible.

  • We reserve the right to refuse the free accounts to schools who are downgrading their use of the software to partial-cohort use with the weaker implementation implied.

Getting going with Tassomai Build Up

  • Registered schools will receive a questionnaire where we will gather more information about implementation and useful contacts.

  • Schools will be set up in the order in which we receive their responses to the attached questionnaire.

  • If necessary, we may have to stagger the onboarding process in order to account for the large number of schools who have registered.   Schools being issued an invoice will be given priority setup.

Training & Implementation

  • Schools must appoint a “Tassomai Champion” who will be responsible for leading the implementation and checking in regularly with our Customer Success team.

  • A representative of your school will need to take part in a training session with our Customer Success team. These will be offered at the PiXL Main Meeting on June 25th and, for those who cannot attend, in one of a series of subsequent webinars. Students will not be able to access their accounts until this training has been completed.

  • We will support the Tassomai Champion by helping to prepare a suitable launch and implementation strategy. This support will be ongoing throughout the academic year with regular check-ins with your Customer Success Manager. We encourage all members of staff involved to take part in a training.

  • This implementation strategy must include dedicated ‘Tassomai time’ at least once a week during school hours to encourage usage and schools must ensure Build Up students have access to appropriate ICT resources or devices to use Tassomai.

  • Class structures for Academic Year 19/20 are required to get going.

  • Schools must commit to having a feedback call with us once a term.

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