About our free 5-week trial for schools


With school budgets being as limited as they are, it makes sense that educators should be cautious when considering EdTech products.  That’s why Tassomai is proud to offer all schools a five-week free trial of our platform!

Why five weeks?

  • We believe that five weeks is an ideal time to implement Tassomai, giving students enough time to get to grips with the platform, and letting teachers analyse a deeper range of data. 

  • Schools can access the complete range of Tassomai’s services, and receive support and advice, before committing to a purchase.

How does a TassoTrial work?

  • Over the five weeks, we will send you weekly emails to see how things are going, offering advice and support where necessary.  

  • We can provide tailored support on implementation, engagement and competition strategies - or whatever you else you’d like to know more about!

What if I want to trial Tassomai across my MAT?

  • We highly encourage MATs to trial Tassomai across each of their schools simultaneously.  We can help you to track their usage and provide weekly data, allowing you to hold MAT-wide competitions during your trial period!

  • MAT-wide discounts are available.

What happens at the end?

  • We’ll get in touch with you to book an end of trial reflection.  During this call, we’ll go through your school’s trial usage report and take your feedback on the platform, as this is hugely important to us.  

  • Then, if you wish to continue using us - and we really hope you do! - we can create a quote tailored to you.

  • Please note that you will receive an email reminding you of when your trial is coming to an end, to give you enough time to book in your end of trial reflection.  At the end of the five week period, we will freeze your students’ accounts, until a decision regarding the outcome of your trial period has been reached.

How do I get a TassoTrial started?

  • Setting up your Tassomai trial is simple; once you’ve had a quick demo, we’ll send you a setup form… complete the form and return to us at admin@tassomai.com

  • We guarantee that your order will be built within 5 working days, but this is usually much quicker!  

  • Once complete, you and your team will receive your school’s unique activation code, along with instructions on how to get your students started with Tassomai.

What have our customers said about their TassoTrial experience?

“The process and admin behind setup was quick and easy, and the materials sent, including the launch presentation, were very useful. An extra-big thanks to Miina for her prompt responses to any queries!" - Shenfield High School

“The interface is incredibly easy for the students to use. Our LA pupils bought into it very quickly as a result.” - Bosworth Academy

“Excellent visual data representation for statistics, intervention and monitoring” - Stowupland High School.