Learn more about Tassomai's Key Stage 3 English, maths and science content


Tassomai is excited to have launched new content for English, maths and science at KS3 level - here’s a bit more detail if you’re new to Tassomai or keen to see what topics are covered.

What’s in the course?

Previously only available for GCSE science, Tassomai’s KS3 English, science and maths content has been extensively tested over several years, most recently in a group of Tassomai star schools.

The material is designed to be instantly accessible to Y7 intake, give staff clear diagnostic information on new students, and ramp up over time to prepare KS3 students fully for GCSE.

The material is primarily focused on key knowledge and skills - spelling, reading, grammar, terminology; arithmetic, simple algebra, knowledge of primes, factors, squares, shapes; essential knowledge of materials, reactions and biological processes. 


  • Algebra (substitution algebra with 1-2 variables)

  • Addition/Subtraction & Negative Numbers

  • Division & Remainders

  • Multiplication

  • Fractions, Decimals, Percentages & Ratios

  • Graphs, Diagrams, Time & Units

  • Numbers (Primes, Squares, Factors, Indices etc)

  • Shapes & Geometry


  • Choose the Right Word (Reading Skills)

  • Parts of Speech & Literary Terminology

  • Punctuation

  • Tricky Spellings

  • Prefixes & Suffixes

  • Homophones (Same Sound, Different Meanings)

  • Vocabulary-Expanding Word List


  • Organisation & Genetics

  • Metabolic Processes

  • Health, Reproduction & Ecosystems

  • Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Energy & Space Physics

  • Motion & Forces

  • Waves

  • Electricity & Electromagnetism

What about KS4?

Tassomai will provide KS4 English and maths in due course; our commitment is to develop material with our colleagues in schools, though, so what we offer truly meets the needs of practitioners and students. It’s not something we plan to rush out. 

Schools who take on Tassomai for their KS3 students and work with us to understand the amazing educational power of this approach will be invited to work with us to build Tassomai into an indispensable education tool for everyone studying for their GCSEs.

What does Tassomai do?

In a nutshell, Tassomai is the most advanced and widely-used software for adaptive formative assessment, knowledge retrieval and skills practice and live “DTT”.

Students log in (or use the app on their phone) daily to complete a 5-10 minute practice. The content is set for each learner, balancing the necessary emphases to scaffold or stretch, correct or confirm, quick feedback or “mastery spacing”.

Every student has their own course plotted through the content, and the material is uniquely built to allow the algorithms to diagnose, adapt and reinforce gaps in real time. Knowledge, skill, confidence build quickly and sustain over the year; results improve across all ability levels, and healthy learning routines are established that increase the educational benefit over time.

Teachers, meanwhile, can see at an instant their students’ level of engagement, and the areas where individuals or groups need more attention, all with no requirement to set, mark or analyse assessment… though teachers are able to switch topics on and off to control the content should they wish to.

What does it cost?

For schools already using Tassomai in KS4 science, upgrading to the 5-cohort program can cost very little indeed - often it’s free. Get in touch and we can arrange a demo and prepare a quote for you. 

The cost you need to consider, though, is investment in good implementation. With a little planning and structure around the rollout, Tassomai will be far more powerful.

Tassomai covers English maths and science at Key Stage 3 level