Download our mobile app!


We're very 'appy to announce that the new Tassomai mobile phone app is now available for all students to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Some of you will already be using it as we launched the app in Beta to selected schools over the summer but we've been making some final tweaks over the last couple of weeks.

All school users and private subscribers are now able to use the app to take quizzes and hit their daily goals!

A few facts about the new app:

  • The app's been designed for mobile phones, it's not suitable for tablets.

  • At present, the app is only for students, teachers will still need to log in via the website to access performance data and the teacher dashboard. Parents will also need to access their accounts via the website.

  • You can’t sign up to Tassomai using the app, you need to create your account using the website, and then log in using the app.

  • The app doesn't have an offline mode, that's because the app is constantly communicating with our servers to tailor content to users based on their answers. If you're worried about your data allowance, note that Tassomai uses very little data (read more about data usage here).

  • There's no need to log in each time you use the app, just open the app to get started.

If you like the app, please rate and review us on the relevant store.  And if you don't, please contact us with your comments! We appreciate all your feedback and it helps us refine and improve Tassomai.