Becoming a Star School


To reward our most engaged schools, we have created the Tassomai Star Schools program. It’s our way of recognising great usage and thanking schools and teachers who have gone out of their way to motivate their students and keep on top of Tassomai. We plan on awarding Star School status annually, and this year our top 40 schools are getting an additional 20% discount for the next academic year.

Our aim is to work closely with our Star Schools to our mutual benefit. It should be noted that lots of the best ideas for improving Tassomai and for implementing it in the classroom come from conversations with our users - the people that are using the product every day. So we thought who better to work with than those schools who've used our program the most?

Star Schools help shape our product

We see this as an opportunity to learn from and build partnerships with our best-using schools to give us fresh insights and product feedback.  This might be through regular conversations with our team, piloting new products, working with us on events or sharing best practice on implementation strategies and motivational tactics. In addition we hope that some Star Schools will be willing to lend a hand to other Tassomai-enrolled schools who require help in implementing our software more successfully. Like most things, some are able to take to new things better - it is our intention to work out exactly how and why this is the case and to share our findings with everyone else.

The Star Schools program is embryonic at present, but in a few years time we hope it will have grown considerably. We plan to continue to reward engagement with our program and to encourage more of our schools to get involved, benefitting all our users and improving GCSE science results across the board.

We hope that more (if not all) of our clients aspire to be Star Schools, since this is our mark of excellence. Being a Star School ensures you're making the most of our program for your students and at the lowest cost for your school.

Put simply, Star Schools are our way of saying thank you for all the time, effort and enthusiasm those schools' Heads of Science and Tassomai champions have put in. A massive congratulations to all who've been awarded this prize. Keep up the good work!

If you’d like some tips, or just a chat with one of our Star Schools, contact our team and we’ll put you in touch.

Tassomai Star Schools symbol

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