Save 20% with the Early Bird Discount

Schools can save 20% on Tassomai if they order by 31st July - fill in the form on our schools page to get an order form and get it back to the TassoTeam before then to qualify for the discount.

Early bird image

This will mean that your students' accounts are ready for the start of next year (or earlier!). This lets them spread their learning over a longer period, meaning they benefit from even more spacing and interleaving.

There are also a whole slew of other benefits from taking advantage of the Early Bird discount:

Pay now or pay later

We're extremely flexible over when schools pay - you can pay now or pay later depending on how your budget works.

No commitment

Sign up for next year now and you qualify for the discount, but if you change your mind before the start of the next academic year that's fine - we won't charge you anything.

Get year 9s and 10s a headstart

If you get your order form in soon then we'll set up any current year 9 and 10 students for the rest of this year (as long as you're signing them up for next year!)

Three cohorts for the price of two!

Purchase Tassomai for the whole of your year 10 and 11 cohorts and we'll add in year 9 completely free!

** Fill in the form on our schools page to get in touch **