How to check on your child's progress

There are several different ways for you to keep track of how well your child is doing on Tassomai. When you login to your account (see below for details), you’ll see a stripe next to your child’s name - this is the exact same data as the progress wheel, it's just laid out flat. This gives you all the information you need; if it’s green and blue your child is doing enough work.

If you want some extra information then just click on the magnifying glass next to their name, and you’ll see some more in depth information; days active, questions answered, questions correct and quizzes taken. This information is also shown in a bar graph so you can see how much work they did each day, and all this data is available for three different time scales; last 7 days, last 30 days and all time.

To go even more in depth, you can login to your child’s account by pressing “switch to this account”. Under the review tab you can look through their last ten quizzes, and see which questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. You can also look at the swimlane tab to see if there are any topics where they are really falling behind or excelling.

In addition to all of this, we’ll email you a progress report every Thursday - this will give you an overview of how your child is doing. It includes an image of their wheel, most of the statistics mentioned above, as well as their best, worst and most improved topics.

Or you can just look over your child’s shoulder when they’re doing their Tassomai!

How to log in to your account:

If you're a private subscriber you'll have set up an account already. 

If you are a parent whose child has Tassomai through their school and you're receiving progress reports by email, go to and request a password reset for that email address.

If you do not receive parent reports you can ask your child's school to contact our admin team to get this up and running.

All tips for parents: