How Tassomai works, and what your child needs to do

If you’re a parent who’s just set up a Tassomai account for their child, here are some tips to help get off to a great start.

What is the Daily Goal?

Daily Goal

Daily Goal

The Daily Goal is exactly what it says on the tin - the amount of work we think your child needs to do each day. If they regularly complete their Daily Goal, they'll be ready for the exam. In fact, they don't even need to complete it every day; we think it's unrealistic to expect a teenager to work every single day - and unhealthy! Everyone needs some time off to relax, so they only need to do it four or five times each week.

If they manage this then the goal will stay fairly low (the minimum it can be is 30), but if they don't do it for a few days then it will begin to increase.

You can find out more about the Daily Goal, Bonus Goal and Experience Points here.

What you should pay attention to

After you’ve created your child’s account, we’d suggest making sure that on the first day they complete their Daily Goal.

We've written a detailed explainer of the parent dashboard here, but we also thought we'd give you some tips on what to focus on to make sure your child is doing enough work:

The three most important statistics to pay attention to are "Daily Goals", "Accuracy" and "Predicted Final Progress" - if all three of these are blue or green then everything is ok!

Daily Goals are important as you can see that your child is doing enough work, since they should be completing four each week. 

Accuracy is also key, as it is possible for your child to complete a Daily Goal by guessing; if this is the case, however, it should be obvious as their accuracy will be very low.

And finally Predicted Progress is how much of the course they're going to complete at their current rate of work - if this starts to go red or orange it'll be hard for your child to complete enough of the course to satisfy the grade guarantee. Please bear in mind that this is a lagging metric, so it will only show that your child is falling behind after a few days, and will only begin to correct itself after a few days' work.

We hope that this helps! Please feel free to get in touch if you want any more tips. 

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