How Tassomai works, and what your child needs to do

If you’re a parent who’s just set up a Tassomai account for their child, here are some tips to help get off to a great start.

What the wheel means

Each course is made up of several topics (for example AQA Physics Paper 1 includes the topic “Electricity”), and each topic has both a goal and a target. The goal (normally 100%) is how much of that topic the child should complete by the date of the exam, and the target is how far they should be through that topic right now.

 The progress wheel

The progress wheel

The wheel is a visual representation of this, as each section shows how many topics are ahead or behind the target - blue is comfortably ahead, green slightly ahead, orange slightly behind, and red quite far behind the target.

This target is constantly creeping forwards, so green topics will turn orange within a day. The aim of Tassomai is to keep ahead of the target, and ensure the wheel is at the very least green - if students do this then they’ll have completed the course in time for their exams and will be well prepared.

What your child should do at the start

After you’ve created your child’s account, we’d suggest making sure that on the first day they do all the “Quick Start Quizzes” at a minimum - these make sure that they have started every topic, and the wheel is entirely coloured in.

Although normally we’d recommend only spending 10-15 minutes a day on Tassomai, for 5 days a week, it can be worth doing more at the very start. This lets them open up a gap between them and the target, making it so much easier to keep the wheel blue - and the buffer means that if they do miss a few days, it’s not a problem!

So the primary message to your child is - work hard at the start, then spend 10 or so minutes a day making sure the wheel never goes orange or red.

Now all you need to do is keep track of if they’re doing enough, and if not to convince them to do more...

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