How much data does Tassomai use?


Tassomai has a mobile friendly version (and from September 2018 a new mobile app!), meaning it can be used on bus, car, train and (maybe) plane journeys to and from school! Now the summer sun has decided to show its face, it can even be done during those tanning sessions in the park.

The site doesn’t have an offline mode as it's constantly feeding information to its servers. This lets Tassomai tailor its content to the user’s ability, but we know that some students have concerns about how much data each quiz uses.

The good news is that Tassomai requires very little data to operate, as it has a simple interface, no data heavy annotations, and no annoying adverts or pop ups - this means it only uses about 1kb of data per question.

What does this actually mean?

You may still be wondering what this actually means for you. Mobile data isn't cheap and you may worry that those hours spent studying on Tassomai will mean you don’t have enough time to watch the best Fortnite kills of the week, or book tickets to see Infinity War for the 5th time.

To ease your fears and put this into perspective we’ve made some comparisons, so you can see how much value you are getting for your data.

  • 5,320 questions would use as much data as listening to Hotline Bling once

  • 33,750 questions would use as much data as watching the 2 and a half minute Infinity War trailer

  • 33,150 questions would use as much data as watching the 2 minute 21 second video ‘dogs who fail at being dogs

So you really don’t need to worry about data consumption - and unfortunately, it’s not a great excuse for why you haven't completed your daily goal!