Distilling everything you need to know

For every major exam board, our team of experts have turned all the information you need to know into quizzable micro facts.

Adapting itself to you

Tassomai is an adaptive learning tool which tailors itself to each user. As students learn, the system adapts and targets areas where they are weakest, reinforcing their understanding of the subject.

Learning through daily quizzing

Tassomai constantly tests and evaluates knowledge of the syllabus. Users are guided through the comprehensive, board-specific courses ensuring nothing is overlooked. They simply log in to complete their daily assignments.

Tracking your progress and creating a daily routine

Tassomai does all the organising - showing the user which topics they need to work through, how they are getting on, and what they need to do next - making sure everything is completed in time for exams.

Keeps parents and teachers informed with weekly progress reports.

Provides teachers with instantly accessible and detailed data analysis.

Don't just take our word for it - Tassomai guarantees results! With a strong correlation between Tassomai usage and good grades, the results from this year's GCSEs are proof that Tassomai works.

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